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Cats Eye

The Cat’s Eye Gemstone
In the modern world, we have the luxury of being able to choose from an almost infinite number of different gemstones and jewelry designs. However, some stones stand out as being especially rare, unique, or special in some other way. Cats eye gemstones are natural gemstones with a sparkling, intense eye-like appearance. They usually have a yellowish-brown or yellow-gold base color with lighter bands, but they can be found in many different colors. These gems are often cut into cabochons or domes to showcase their eye-catching double-glow. Cat’s eye stones are usually formed in abundance in mica schists, which make up some of the oldest rocks on earth.

What is a Cat’s Eye Stone?
A cat’s eye stone is a chalcedony type, a cryptocrystalline form of quartz. It has a fibrous structure which is why it’s translucent and lightweight. It is a variety of agate formed by fine layers of parallel fibers that produce a uniformly fine and similar banding. These fibers are responsible for the characteristic pattern observed in a cat’s eye stones. The banding is caused by how silica is deposited in a quartz crystal during its formation. This type of chalcedony is also known as “chalcedony opal” due to its resemblance to opal. It is the lightest and most transparent variety of chalcedony. It is often multi-colored and sometimes even multilayered.

Types of Cat’s Eye
Tiger’s Eye- This cat’s eye gemstone is mostly gold-yellow or gold-brown. It is formed from crocodilte minerals.
Cat-eye tourmaline – This is a type of chalcedony that is pink green and possesses tough and durable properties.
Cat-eye apatite- This is a yellow variety of chalcedony and is soft and therefore not used for mounting in jewelry.
Chrysoberyl cat-eye – This cat’s eye is the roughest and can be mounted in all kinds of jewelry due to its beautiful appearance.

Why is Cat’s Eye so Special?
Cat’s eye gems have a special place in the world of gems because of the unique optical property they possess. The double refraction when light hits these gems creates a luminous and eye-catching effect. This property makes these gems very special and is why they are a part of many traditional adornments. They are also reasonably easy to identify and graded based on color and clarity. These facts make them the best choice for collectors and jewelry makers who want to add a vintage touch to their designs.

What are the Benefits of Cat’s Eye Gems?
Eliminates fear and pessimism- They are believed to bring self-confidence, creativity, and enthusiasm.
Enhances creativity and intellect – Cat’s eye gems enhance your intellect, improve your creativity, and enhance your problem-solving ability. They are also believed to strengthen memory power.
Improves health – The emeralds are believed to have healing powers by helping people regain their wellbeing lost by abuse, disease, poor lifestyle, and depression. Cat’s eye gems are also considered to have curative powers against cancer.
Spiritual enlightenment – If you want to enhance your spiritual enlightenment, you can wear cat’s eye gems regularly. They will help you develop your intuition, detach from materialistic things, find your true path in life, and understand your core values.
Helps in regaining lost wealth -If you want to recover lost wealth, you can wear cat’s eye gems regularly. They are believed to attract new opportunities and friendships that will lead to financial gain.

How to Care for Your Cat’s Eye Gemstone?
Cat’s eye gems are durable enough to be worn in aquatic environments. However, avoid wearing them during activities that generate a lot of heat, which may damage your gems. Keep your cat’s eye gems clean using ultrasonic cleaners, and avoid using chemicals or harsh detergents as these may damage your gemstones. When making your jewelry, remember that some types of cat’s eye gems are softer, so you must be careful when handling them and avoid using excessive force when setting them in jewelry.

The cat’s eye is a special type of chalcedony that exhibits an eye-catching banded appearance, resembling a cat’s eye. There are many different types of these gemstones, each with unique properties. They can be a perfect and thoughtful gift for someone and an ideal addition to your collection of gemstones. Cat’s eye gems can enhance your intellectual skills, reduce stress, and help you relax.

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