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Characteristics of a Diamond

With all the modern innovations in cutting, the exacting proportions of the Tolkowsky Brilliant cut seem to endure. Many of the “named” cuts are little more than a minor tweak of the Tolkowsky Diamond Cut. 

Properties of Diamonds

  • Diamond Crystal – Isometric (Cubic)
  • Crystal Habit – octahedra, cubes, elongated or flattened crystals, or flat twinned crystals.
  • Luster – Adamantine; uncut crystals look greasy
  • Hardness – 10, about 4.5 times harder than corundum
  • Toughness – good
  • Cleavage – perfect, octahedral (4 directions)
  • Specific Gravity – 3.514 to 3.518
  • Refractive Index – 2.4175 in sodium light. Among the highest R.I.s of any gem material.
  • Birefringence – none, isotropic
  • Dispersion – very high, 0.044
  • Ultra Violet Fluorescence – many but not all diamonds fluoresce blue, green, yellow or reddish in both long and short wavelength u.v. light.

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