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Colored Gemstones

Colored gems add a new dimension in jewelry design and jewelry shopping! Aside from engagement rings, birthstone are possibly the most popular gemstone jewelry purchases.

Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite and Emerald can tell someone who you are and what you like. A fine ruby can set the senses astir in ways that a colorless gem cannot. While a A connoisseur will gaze into the velvety depths of a Kashmir sapphire for hours.

We have developed a color description system and a colored gemstone grading system. You may not want to learn the systems in depth, but you may find some parts of the systems helpful when shopping for gems.

Many of our Gemology pages have illustrations that explain some of the why’s of light and color. After reading them, you may have a greater appreciation for the magic that mother earth cultured

So consider using this section for more insight into the world of colored gemstones

  • Jewelry on our pages has been selected for it beauty and diversity.
  • Learn about emerald, what make it such a luscious green
  • Discover the diversity of tourmaline.
  • Enjoy the unique beauty of colored gemstones.

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