Diamond Cuts – Radiant Cut

Round Brilliant Ideal Cut Proportions

Ideal Cut Diamond
  • Diameter: 100%
  • Depth: 59%
  • Table: 53%
  • Crown: 16%
  • Pavilion: 43%
  • Culet: Very small to none
  • Crown Angle: 34°
  • Pavilion Angle: 71°
  • Girdle: Medium thickness – even
  • Symmetry: Perfect

Radiant Cut

Basically, the modern round brilliant cut as designed by Marcel Tolkowsky for his Masters Thesis in the early 1900’s eventually became the standard to which all round diamond cuts are compared.

Some are claiming the ten-main cuts show better brilliance. The difference may well be subject to the eye of the diamond shopper. More details about Tolkowsky’s research.

Round Brilliant Cut - Table and Bezel View
Round Brilliant Cut - Table and Bezel View

more diamond cuts — princess cut diamond (coming)

Oval Cut With Culet

Diamond cuts are designed showcase the beauty of the crystal. But diamond cutters are charged with maximizing the carat weight as well. Internal characteristics also determine how any given diamond is cut.

Ovals are a trade-off for rectangular shaped rough diamond crystals. Light paths through the body of an oval cut gemstone are different from round brilliants. If you look at how light refracts internally in an oval cut diamond, you may notice that less light will return to the eye.

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