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Some diamonds and precious colored gems gain fame because of beauty. Others due to their notoriety. Record setter are naturals to include in any archive of famous gemstones.

While some gems such as the Cullinan have been at the top of the list for generations, recognizing “newcomers” is just as valid. Remember, these “new additions” are millions of years old. It is our discovery of their beauty that is new.

Cullinan Diamond

Among the most famous of diamonds is the Cullinan I. This 530 carat sparkler was the major crystal cut from the largest diamond rough (3100 carats) yet to be discovered. The rough actually yielded 105 gems, Cullinan I being the largest .. more about the Cullinan diamonds.

Hope Diamond

Legends abound regarding the Hope Diamond. Old suspicions resulted in scientific proof that the Hope Diamond was re-cut from the equally famous Tavernier Blue. The twisted tale started with The Hope Diamond suddenly appeared on the market in 1830. H. T. Hope of London bought the beautiful blue gem that weighed in at 44.50 carats .. Hope Diamond

Tavernier Blue Diamond

In 1668 a French merchant traveler, Jean Baptiste Tavernier, returned from India with a 112 3/16 carat diamond. Today we might call the diamond a “trillian” shape. Tavernier actually described the diamond as a “un beau violet“. .. Tavernier Blue Diamond

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