Alexandrite Cats Eye Gemstones


Alexandrite Cats Eye is one of the rarest minerals in the world. It makes it a highly prized stone and very rare in Jewelry. The second is its color, or in scientific terms, its hue—a beautiful combination of green and orange hues. In natural light, Alexandrite Cats Eye appears greenish-yellow. Under incandescent light, the gem appears an orange-brown.

Things to know about Alexandrite Cats Eye

The first is that Alexandrite Cats Eye has a hardness of 8.5 and is known for being quite durable for jewelry purposes. The second is that this gemstone does not have a specific cleavage or fracture plane, so it will be quite hard to break or crack. Even if the stone breaks or cracks, the pieces will be relatively large and can still be used if they are cut correctly.

The third is that Alexandrite Cats Eye can be faceted into a different shape and size, but it will lose its beautiful luster and decrease in quality. The fourth is that this gemstone can be a little challenging to set due to its slightly loose nature, so if possible, it should be set in gold or platinum instead of another material. The fifth is that Jewelry made with Alexandrite Cats Eye will lose its exceptional luster if the gemstone touches the air.

What Makes it Special

The first thing that makes this mineral unique is its range of colors. Alexandrite Cats Eye has a band of color ranging from light yellow to dark brown, but the most prevalent color is greenish-yellow. It also has a flash of emerald green when it reflects light. This gemstone has a rare quality in that it can change colors according to the type of light. In natural light, Alexandrite Cats Eye appears greenish-yellow. Under incandescent light, the gem appears an orange-brown.

The second is that it is a scarce mineral, so Jewelry, including this stone, is challenging to find. It can also be costly because of its rarity. The third thing is that it will change colors if exposed to heat, and it will not change back if the gemstone has been exposed to heat. The fourth thing is that Alexandrite Cats Eye will lose its lovely luster if the gemstone touches the air, so the Jewelry should be handled with care.

How it’s used in Jewelry

Alexandrite Cats Eye is typically set in gold or platinum, depending on the type of setting and color of the gemstone. The stone itself is pretty fragile, so it’s essential to handle it with care when setting the stone into its Jewelry.

It also has a purple-like color resembling amethyst, so the gemstone can be substituted for amethyst if needed within a particular piece. The last thing is the size of the stone. Smaller stones are more common, but larger stones are available.


Alexandrite Cats Eye has many benefits to the person wearing the Jewelry, but it also gives several health benefits depending on its use.
•Alexandrite Cats Eye is one of the most powerful healing stones because it affects the heart and respiratory systems. It aids in relieving shortness of breath, asthma, and chest congestion as well as anxiety and stress, which are symptoms many people suffer.

•Alexandrite Cats Eye is also known for its energy increases attributed to purification and protection, which is essential for those working in hospice care, teachers, and musicians.

•Alexandrite Cats Eye is beneficial for people who have arthritis because it relieves pain and reduces inflammation.

•Alexandrite Cats Eye stimulates creativity and passion in addition to helping with concentration and promoting a positive, healthy outlook on life.

•Many people find that Alexandrite Cats Eye helps them see better in high-dynamic situations such as driving or playing music, as well as assisting with the healing of wounds, cuts, and burns.

Alexandrite Cats Eye is a rare mineral that has many positive benefits for the person wearing the Jewelry. The stone can be expensive because of its rarity, so it’s essential to consider the cost of the stone when making jewelry purchases. It will also lose its exceptional luster if exposed to air, so it should be handled carefully. In addition, some people have found that wearing this gemstone has eased anxiety and stress and even helped their vision in high-dynamic situations.

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