Ametrine Gemstones


Despite its remarkable shape, the ametrine stone is not well known. Only one mine in the world produces this unique bi-color quartz. This stone was found in the 1600s, but no one knew about it again until the 1970s.

Ametrine is a transparent yellow and purple stone created by combining citrine and amethyst gemstones. The stone’s name comes from its composition of amethyst and citrine. Another intriguing fact is that its other name, “Bolivianite”, is derived from the nation of origin, Bolivia. It is also a public jewel of the United States.

What Is Ametrine’s Distinguishing Feature?

The ametrine gemstone is associated with inner force and harmony in mythology. It is believed that it increases the wearer’s energy levels.

Ametrine’s Benefits and Therapeutic Properties

The amethyst and citrine elements promote harmony and correct imbalances that may leave you fatigued in body, mind, and spirit. Many people believe that this stone is particularly beneficial for people who are worried or restless. It assists you when needed and guides you toward a more beneficial presence.

It is stated that concentrating on the stone’s dazzling hue would help you awaken your ingenuity and instinct. As a result, if you need more purple ametrine, choose one with more purple. If you want to focus on your imagination, use an ametrine with more yellow in it.

What Is Ametrine and How Can You Use It?

Ametrine might aid you in getting rid of superfluous items in your daily life. Many people believe that holding the stone, stating what you no longer desire, cleansing it, and then expressing what you need while holding it in the sun may help you live a happy life.

The stone may also help you heal, reduce stress, and maintain your vitality. This is because the stone absorbs the force of the moon and sun, allowing you to remain active and energized for extended periods. The gemstone also has areas of strength for the soul realm, which may help you figure out what you want to do with your life and why.

When it comes to amethyst and citrine stones, amethyst is excellent for stress relief. Citrine boosts confidence and attracts money. They combine to become an exceptional force for good in your life.

If you want to discover the stone’s money-drawing abilities, leave it in the light of the full moon before placing it in your bag. It will affect cash and transfer it to you the next time you make a conjecture or bet.

How Much Is Ametrine Worth?

Ametrine gemstones typically cost roughly $8 per carat. This figure may vary depending on the stone’s variety, clarity, and cut. While the size of the gemstones discovered makes it one of the most valued jewels, it is difficult to get since the mines are only in Bolivia.

Is It Difficult to Obtain Ametrine?

This gem is very rare and can only be discovered in one mine in the world, which is in Bolivia. As a result, just a few people are aware of the stone’s existence. The Anahi Mine was found in the seventeenth century but fell through the cracks until people rediscovered it in the 1970s.

How Do You Determine If Ametrine Is Real?

The ametrine stone is very stunning. While certain flaws are inevitable, a fake ametrine will have a variety of faults that are visible to the naked eye. The only way to be sure is to have the stone examined by a geologist or a gem dealer.

Is It Possible to Wear Ametrine All the Time?

Ametrines are durable stones that you can wear regularly, whenever desired. However, we don’t recommend having it on all the time since it may reduce the stone’s radiance over time. It is also easily damaged, and if subjected to a powerful force, it may shatter or split. Because the stone is so spectacular, replacing it if it is lost or damaged may be difficult.

What Is the Difference Between Ametrine and Amethyst?

Although amethyst and ametrine are both purple, they are not the same. Ametrine follows amethyst and hence shares its qualities.

Final Verdict

Ametrine is an excellent choice if you need a gem to add to your assortment or use it on jewelry.

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