Aventurine Gemstones


Aventurine is a wonderful gem adored for its magnificent and shimmery appearance. Its unique green tone makes it rare among other quartz varieties. Aventurine has minerals within its structure that give it the shimmering quality commonly called aventurescence.

Aventurine is primarily green in color, but sometimes it comes in shades of red, orange, brown, blue, and grey. It is found in the class of chalcedony minerals and is, therefore, a microcrystalline, cryptocrystalline type of quartz.

Types of Aventurine

With the help of science, two varieties of aventurine have been identified. They include:

Aventurine feldspar

It is also called sunstone. It is highly transparent compared to aventurine quartz.

Aventurine quartz

You can identify aventurine quartz by its platy inclusions of fuchsite mica present. The overabundance of fuchsite in it makes it opaque.

What Makes Aventurine Special

The heart chakra is pink on the inside and green on the outside. This feature represents the aventurine crystal properties. It has a green protective outline which is said to symbolize elegance, sophistication, enhanced vitality, and the renewal of life. Its inside color, pink, is a symbol of our vulnerabilities, fears, dreams, softer side, and tender hopes.

Benefits Of Aventurine

The stone is mainly a stone of prosperity. It is claimed that this gem will attract abundance in your life and also inspire one to work on improving themselves. The crystal will foster one to have desirable qualities and inner work that will help embody their best self. Thus, it helps people live a worthy life of prosperity.

The crystal also assists one in having trustworthy and strong leadership qualities and also helps one in the process of decision making.

Aventurine is said to improve one’s resilience capacity and perseverance. This will allow you to face testing times and come out wiser. It can sooth professional performance anxiety and stimulates compassion, creativity, and mental clarity. Also, it calms down irritation and anger.

The stone assists people on physical levels where it supports the nervous system and promotes proper functioning of the thymus gland. In the healthcare sector, holistic professionals believe it helps lower cholesterol and balance blood pressure. The crystal is said to activate a healthy metabolic rate which helps people who have difficulties in gaining or losing weight.

Moreover, it relieves one of the stammering and severe neuroses. It eases the skin of allergies, migraines, and eruptions and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Ways To Use Aventurine

The crystal can be used in multiple ways. They include:

You can wear it as jewelry. For jewelry, you can wear it as a brooch, pin, or pendant. Positioning the aventurine crystal over your heart chakra will not only look elegant but also allow the flow of positive energy in your heart space throughout the time you have worn it. Therefore, it will reduce any feelings of depression or sluggishness.

  • It can be used for chakra work
  • It can be used for medicinal purposes
  • You can place it all over your home for decoration and to create a space in your home with an uplifting atmosphere.

Taking Care Of Your Aventurine

Depending on your preference, there are several ways of taking care of your aventurine crystal. You can:

Place the gem under the light of a full moon. This will free your stone from negative energy and replenish it with positive energy. The full moon is powerful and will allow a great opportunity to cleanse the gem.

Burry the crystal in fertile soil overnight. The earth is said to reset an aventurine’s energetic balance naturally and will allow the user to experience its full benefits.

Light a sage, smudge stick, or palo santo and circle it around your gem. Repeat the process until the crystal reaches its natural equilibrium.

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