Bicolor Sapphire Gemstones


Bicolor sapphires are rare stones, often valued at $30,000 or more. A phenomenon known as color zoning is responsible for this type of coloring, which involves the different colors remaining unchanged with lighting differences, as well as being able to see the color differences with the naked eye.

The exact color range may vary, further contributing to this sapphire’s uniqueness. Sometimes the colors are different while appearing similar at first glance. You may also notice two distinct colors in the same stone.

What Color Standards Are Used to Evaluate These Sapphires?
Each bicolored sapphire is different, ranging from slight to prominent contrast. The difference between the amount of contrast present and the color locations makes a difference. Gradual bicolor zoning with a complementary color is usually considered best.

Viewing the stone from a face-up position is essential when evaluating color zoning. One of these sapphires can be of any shape, much like other varieties of sapphires. In most cases, these sapphires have been cut, which helps preserve the best attributes.

Most of these stones are relatively small, with the highest grade relatively rare. Any transition between the colors or shades is likely to be somewhat visible. Although the transition will be visible, it will not manifest as a flaw.

Where Do Most Bicolor Sapphires Come From?
Bicolor sapphires are present in many areas, but southeast Asia is one of the more common regions. Sri Lanka and Thailand are two of the most common Asian locations. These stones play an important role in Vedic beliefs, partly contributing to their popularity in Sri Lanka.

These stones have also been found in several countries in eastern Africa. Madagascar, Nigeria, and Tanzania are the countries where these sapphires are most likely to be sourced from in Africa. The stones likely played a crucial role in early trade routes in these countries.

Are Bicolor Sapphires Used as Birthstones?
Depending on the shading, one of these sapphires may have possibilities as a birthstone. For example, sapphires with a cornflower shade are popular as September birthstones. However, bicolor stones with strongly distinct colors may not have the desired birthstone look that everyone wants.

People who believe in astrology often associate sapphires with fame, success, and wealth. Regardless of the recipient’s beliefs, one of these stones is a perfect way to express wishes for the wearer’s success. Sapphire jewelry is a valuable keepsake because of this significance.

What Are Some Popular Ways to Use Bicolor Sapphires in Jewelry?
Sapphires, including bicolor varieties, look beautiful on rings with simple or elaborate settings. The unique look that sapphires offer makes them perfect for engagement rings. Most cuts used for sapphires set in a ring help show off the color depth.

Bicolor sapphires are also ideal for pendants. A pendant with the right type of cut can serve as the perfect accessory to complement an outfit. Most pendant settings easily showcase the color zoning and shading.

Bracelets are also great for showcasing bicolor sapphires. In settings where jewelry enthusiasts find rings or pendants inconvenient, bracelets are excellent alternatives. The key to finding the right way to highlight the stone is to select a setting that complements the cut and color zoning.

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