Black Tourmaline Gemstones


A plethora of different gemstones are well-known for their ability to help facilitate healing and protection from harmful influences. However, black tourmaline holds a reputation for being one of the most effective and powerful gemstones for warding off negative energy and helping people heal from a variety of physical, mental and spiritual maladies. These two features make black tourmaline an extremely popular and universally-renowned stone.

Physical Features

Black tourmaline belongs to the aluminum borosilicate family of minerals, including a mix of magnesium, iron and other trace minerals. It is also known as schorl, having a lustrous nature composed of hexagonal crystals. The appearance alone makes tourmaline one of the most attractive black gemstones to avid collectors and newcomers alike.

Special Properties

In addition to its attractive appearance, black tourmaline is considered the strongest protection stone that you can find in the mineral kingdom. Its key feature is in the ability to absorb and neutralize negative energies and influences, along with helping an individual balance, harmonize and strengthen their spiritual anatomy.

Tourmaline also has a great capacity to help individuals remain grounded and centered. In combination with its other properties, utilizing this stone can enhance self-confidence, decision making skills and the ability to rise above adversity. These properties also allow it to mix well with other spiritually-empowered tools and devices.


The qualities of black tourmaline make it an extremely useful tool in spiritual practices. Moreover, it is also very effective at helping individuals manage their fortune in their careers and personal life. Some of the essential benefits of black tourmaline are listed below:

  • Meditation – The ability to cleanse and protect against harmful energies makes black tourmaline an excellent aid in meditation. Not only does it protect from external energies, but it can also absorb and transmute the energy of harmful or obstructive thoughts and internal influences. This helps the practitioner easily calm their mind and enjoy the benefits of positive energy.
  • EMF protection – While living in a technological age, humans are bombarded with constant sources of electromagnetic radiation. This stone is one of the most effective neutralizers of this energy, helping people manage their exposure from computers, televisions and smartphones. It also creates a protective aura that further strengthens the individual using it.
  • Spiritual & Energetic Protection – In addition to EMF radiation, the protective aura that black tourmaline instills can help ward off malicious intentions and influences. This helps individuals avoid turmoils at the workplace, in family life and with personal health. In fact, tourmaline has the ability to transform negative influences into positive power, attracting good fortune to those who implement the stone.
  • Enhanced Physical Well-Being – Since spiritual well-being is heavily connected to physical well-being, black tourmaline can help individuals prevent physical illness and enhance all levels of bodily health.
  • Enhanced Mental Health & Ability – Since black tourmaline has the ability to cleanse the mind of chaotic and harmful thoughts, helps people with focus, concentration and emotional stability. With enhanced mental clarity, an individual can experience heightened visualization capacity. This can be very useful for helping a person with their manifestation goals, and it helps people avoid mental lethargy and procrastination.

How To Use It

The easiest way to ensure a constant flow of benefits from this town is by wearing the stone in jewelry. You can implement tourmaline in necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants. It’s also extremely useful around shrines and meditation rooms, helping to maintain a balanced and clean energetic presence. Placing it around your technological devices can not only absorb electromagnetic radiation, but can also enhance good fortune for those who work from their computer.

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