Blue Sapphire (Neelam) Gemstones


Beautiful and Intriguing Gemstone (Neelam)

Gem businesses both mine and refine the beautiful blue sapphire of the Neelam variety in different parts of the world, and India is one of the largest wholesalers of the blue sapphire stone. They know blue sapphire as Neelam in India.

Mining occurs for the Neelam sapphire in different areas of India that include the town of Ratanpur, the city of Gonda and the mountainous regions of Kashmir, in the northwestern area of India.

The mainland area of Southeast Asia, Myanmar (Burma) is a prime mining location for the production of the Burmese Neelam or blue sapphire. In addition, Rakwana in Sri Lanka (Ceylon), an island country off the southern coast of India, is another leading area for mining Neelam sapphires.

Of all the areas were the gemstone is found, Sri Lanka (or Ceylon) produces the most famous and beautifully colored blue sapphires. It’s their clarity and shine that brings the stone its worldwide rating and high price.

In America, Montana is the place to find darker blue sapphires. Stones mined here are lustrous and dark with mesmerizing, eye-catching beauty. Russia also mines Neelam sapphires, though the quality of the stones found there are limited and appear rather average. Australia, particularly Queensland and New South, are the primary locations where the stones are mined. They, too, are dark blue and of the highest quality.

Why is Blue Sapphire Special (Neelam)

The beautiful dark blue color of the Neelam Sapphire is what makes it unique. It’s comparable to the shade of a peacock’s neck, making it the most powerful of all the Navgraha gemstones. With Nava meaning nine and Graha meaning nine different planets in Vedic astrology, which in Hindu teachings shares the belief that the stars and planets have a significant impact on the spiritual lives of believers. With blue sapphire being the most prominent of all gemstones, it’s felt that the gemstone brings happiness, health, affluence and peace to all those who wear it.

Benefits of Blue Sapphire (Neelam)

In astrological circles, you value this deep royal blue sapphire for its use in Vedic astrology. There is a valuable and positive relationship with wearing the gemstone, which allows the wearer to attain positive influences, lifetime success through its relationship with the planet Saturn, as it’s the gemstone of Saturn.

Spiritual advisors say that the gemstone stirs harmonious energies and suggests wearing it on Saturday mornings. They also advise that the stone be worn on the right hand and the middle finger and that the setting be in silver as it’s the best metal for the stone.

There are health benefits as well with Neelam sapphires that include help with neurological disorders, depression, stress and anxiety-related disorders. The stone also aids in digestion and relieves various stomach ailments.

In relationship to clearer thinking and spiritual matters, the blue sapphire brings mental clarity and clears confusion and doubts. A gemstone wearer can make decisions even in the midst of unclear thinking patterns. Also, if you desire improved focus and concentration, wearing a blue sapphire can help you achieve mental balance, self-confidence, introspection and self-realization.

If you want blessings with fame, fortune or money that includes mutliple sources of income or your need protection from any danger that includes theft, terror, and accidents or if you fear natural disasters, fires and other calamities, you might try wearing a Neelam sapphire. It’s certainly worth a try for your future and your peace of mind. You can’t go wrong wearing this luxuriously dark and beautiful stone, no matter the reason.

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