Blue Tourmaline/Indicolite Tourmaline Gemstones


Blue Tourmaline


Blue Tourmaline is also referred to as Indicolite and is known for its beautiful indigo blue coloration. It is highly valued by gem collectors and those who design jewelry due to the fact that it is the most rare of the the Tourmaline crystals. Depending on weight, cut, clarity, and color, Blue Tourmaline can cost anywhere from $50 to $6,500 just for the gem itself!

If you are looking for high quality Blue Tourmaline it is best to look at the origin of which the gem was found. The best stones are found in Brazil due to their beautiful color and luster. Other mines for Blue Tourmaline can be found in the United States, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Mozambique, and Nigeria.

Uses For Blue Tourmaline

Healing Benefits

Blue Tourmaline is mostly known for its healing qualities and highly recommended to those who struggle with anxiety and depression. Many say that it provides a warm healing energy that brings peace and happiness. On top of mental healing, this gem is also known to aid the healing of digestive and respiratory illnesses. Lastly, the same warm qualities that aid in the relief of anxiety and depression also aid in the relief of migraines, headaches, and eye infections.

Financial Growth

It is said that if you keep Blue Tourmaline close by as you meditate or pray it will help bring wealth and prosperity to your life. Therefore, it is also recommended to those who are facing financial stress.

Sharpen Self Awareness and Intuition

In the art of Chakra Healing, Blue Tourmaline is known to stimulate the “Third-Eye Chakra” and “Throat Chakra”. This allows the one using the gem to reach their inner self and gain clarity about not only themselves, but those around them. There is also a positive energy that is released that gives the user a nice confidence boost.

Improvement of Relationships

Therapist who use gems in their healing sessions use Blue Tourmaline to restore harmony in the relationships of the person wearing or carrying the gem. This is typically used for those who work in highly social settings as it allows the wearer to be more accepting and open to the differences of others.

Reasons to Buy Blue Tourmaline

Aside from all the unbelievable benefits Blue Tourmaline produces, there are a few common reasons to buy this precious gem. One is as a birth stone; Blue Tourmaline is the modern birthstone for those born in October. So if you have a loved one born in October, this stone may be the perfect choice as a gift. Another common reason people buy Blue Tourmaline is as an 8th year anniversary gift; Perhaps due to the relationship improving qualities.

At the end of the day Blue Tourmaline is a gorgeous option whether as a gift or if you want all those amazing benefits for yourself. There are a lot of things to love about this gem, so check it out for yourself!

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