Boulder Opal Gemstones


Boulder Opal

This is one of the gemstones that occur naturally on earth. It is among the rarest gemstones on earth and has traces of ironstone. The boulder opal’s main characteristic is that it can display an array of colors. The presence of iron oxide and carbon from ironstones gives this gemstone a dark appearance. The boulder opal’s beauty makes it one of the most desirable gemstones for making jewelry. Boulder opals are found in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Boulder Opal origin

The boulder opal is commonly found in Australia, in areas such as Koroit, Winton field, Quilpie field, and Yowah. These areas provide the highest-quality version of this gemstone. Other premium versions of the gemstone can also be found in USA and Africa. However, the gemstones from these areas are highly preferred by collectors than those who intend to make jewelry. The gemstones from these regions are not used in making jewelry due to their poor quality and require a lot of care to maintain. Boulder opal can also be found in Mexico, and its version is orange or red. Therefore, if you are looking for jewelry, you should consider boulder opals from Australia.

The meaning and benefits of boulder opal

The boulder opal is best known for its healing properties among many cultures worldwide. They are also known as the October birthstones and are luck gemstones for the individuals born during this month. This gemstone highly benefits people who belong to the Libra zodiac. It is highly beneficial in balancing an individual’s crown and root Chakra. It has been used in ancient societies as a way of keeping a healthy mental state on people. When worn as jewelry, boulder opal offers healing properties and makes the individual more creative than they used to be. It also brings wealth and prosperity and strengthens an individual’s will.

What makes the boulder opal special?

The boulder opal is special because it is a combination of two minerals. The gemstone is a combination of opal and ironstone. The ironstone adds to the gemstone’s strength, making it ideal for use in making jewelry. The iron stone in boulder opal is also responsible for the dark color. The water content of this gemstone ranges between 3% and 21%.

How to tell whether boulder opal is real

Many people might not know how to differentiate a fake gemstone from a real one. This has led to many people buying fake gemstones at the price of real gemstones. Hence, when buying boulder opal, one must ensure it is real by looking at its color. The boulder opal displays colors such as dark blue, green, black, or grey. A real bolder opal would be finely cut and display a dark color. It should also display an array of colors. Therefore, checking the stone’s color, quality, and origin is important to ensure you get the value for your money.

Where to buy boulder opal

Given its rare nature, the boulder opal cannot be easily found in many gemstone shops. Its price will vary depending on the required size, quality, certification, and color. However, there are various online stores where an individual can get the gemstone at an affordable price. If you do not know much about gemstones, purchasing them from trusted dealers is advisable. The chances are high that such dealers only deal in real gemstones. You can also ask for help in identifying real boulder opals to ensure you get the value of your money.

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