Cats Eye Moonstone Gemstones


Cats Eye Moonstone

Cats Eye Moonstone is a unique and beautiful gemstone, coming in shades of lilac white to lavender. The meanings of a cat’s eye moonstone are varied. For some people, they represent the innocence, purity, and hidden beauty that adult life has taken away from them. For others, it is related to clarity. Catching eye moonstones were especially popular during the Victorian era when wealth was often associated with a love for nature.

Benefits of Cats Eye Moonstone
Good luck and protection
Cats’ eye moonstone is believed to be a protective stone, providing you with all the good luck you might need. Moreover, its modest price won’t leave your wallet emptier than it is now.

Balance and harmony
Cats’ eye moonstone is also recognized as a crystal for balancing, harmonizing and calming your emotions and mind. It promotes mental clarity, concentration, and self-awareness.

Helpful in love relationships
Cats’ eye moonstone is also supposed to help you heal heartbreak, overcompensation, and hurt pride. It will help you build a better connection with your partner and show you the way towards true happiness in your love life.

Clarity of mind and intuition
One of the most exciting characteristics of a cat’s eye moonstone is its connection with your intuition. This gem has a unique ability to open up your psychic senses, allowing you to feel and know things you could never hope to understand otherwise.

Channeling and healing
If you need help contacting or healing entities, cats eye moonstone will be able to do this and amend negative energy. At the same time, it will remove your fears, increase confidence and allow you to be yourself.

What makes it special
Cats’ eye moonstone is an exceptional gemstone that you won’t find easily. The quality of this stone is truly remarkable. It’s worth noting that it can be found almost nowhere else, and the quality stands for itself. So if you need to buy a cat’s eye moonstone, make sure you go for a real one with the highest purity level.

Cat-eye moonstone was discovered in the Mogok area of Burma. It is believed that a man named John Kimber discovered the stone while hunting in this area. It is thought that the name ‘cat eye’ came from his finding the composition of the stone to be similar to the reflective eyes of cats.

When looking at the color of the cat’s eye moonstone, be aware that many of the stones have a thin dark overcoat, making them look different. The stone is also known to have inclusions that could be mistaken for color. On top of this, you should realize that the best way to test a cat’s eye moonstone is by looking into it with light coming from behind the stone. You want to see rainbow flashes; if you don’t see these, they might be fake.

Prices for cats’ eye Moonstone can vary greatly. They do not have a very high value per carat, but because they are so rare in nature, most people will be happy to have even small pieces for their collection.

Because of the above, it is unlikely that you will be able to sell a cat’s eye moonstone for pure cash. Your best bet is to try and trade it for other gems or stones with a higher value.

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