The naturally blue sapphire is a highly desired gemstone; it is among the most popular and rare gemstones, belonging to the corundum species. The sapphire is a mineral composed of oxygen and aluminum. Sapphires from Sri Lanka are commonly referred to as Ceylon Sapphires. Originally, the stone was named Ceilão by the Portuguese colonizers; later, the name was changed to Zeylan by the Dutch, which eventually came to be known as ‘Ceylon’ at the behest of the English colonizers in 1798. Ceylon’s luminosity and radiance has continued to enchant the people around the world till this day. One fascinating way to identify an authentic sapphire is by checking to see if the stone has inclusions of crystal; if so, it is declared a natural and real sapphire.


A Ceylon sapphire is one of the most dominant and valuable stones; it occupies the 9th rank of the top 10 most desired stones, which almost puts it at par with another category of precious stones, known as diamonds. On the scale of hardness, the blue is a close cousin to diamonds, making it one of the highly demanded stones for jewelry and aesthetics. A sapphire is also a very durable gem.

Another reason why these blue stones are precious is their properties of versatility; they can take many different shapes, including the famous emerald, oval, and circle cut. Moreover, they vary in color; meaning, they naturally appear in a wide range of blue shades, each unique and brilliant. Whichever cut the blue gem takes, its beauty remains intact.


Sapphires are found in quite a few locations around the world, including Kashmir, Sri Lanka, Australia, Burma, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Tanzania. But the quality and beauty perception of sapphires vary based on where the most rare ones are mined. Kashmir tops the list when it comes to mining sapphires that are the rarest. This makes them all the more valuable compared to their counterparts mined in other locations. Sri Lanka is a 2nd runner up when it comes to supplying beautiful sapphires to the world. Sapphires from Sri Lanka are well known to people with a passion for carrying this delight on their fingers.


The blue stone marks a royal status owing to how fondly royal families have treasured this gem for centuries. Sapphires are renowned pieces of possession that symbolize power and loyalty. This is why prominent kingdoms represented their status by crowning the gem into their headpieces. Queen Catherine II of Russia donned this gem engraved into her crown; likewise, the Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth also represented their royalty with a prized sapphire brooch given to the former by Prince Albert (and later inherited by the latter). The Duchess of Cambridge also marked her share of the sapphire jewel by inheriting Princess Diana’s precious engagement ring.


Mythologically, the sapphire gemstone is believed to carry luck and prosperity to those who wear it. Some also believe the stone helps fight illness and keeps the wearer in an overall good health and shape. Realistically, the gem harbors elegance and class. There is no doubt, the Ceylon sapphire is a status symbol of its own and any person who owns it naturally boosts his self-confidence. Ceylon sapphires are widely used in the jewel manufacturing industries around the world. Its heavy use is commonly observed in engagement rings and wedding sets in many cultures. Sapphire carries allure that catches peoples’ eyes and leaves them in awe.

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