Chrome Tourmaline Gemstones


Chrome Tourmaline

Chrome Tourmaline is a rare and valuable gemstone. It is a member of the tourmaline family, including many other gems like Elbaite, Rubellite, Indicolite, and Verdelite. Gemstones in this family have the same basic chemical composition but different chemical structures that give them unique properties.


Tourmaline has alternating bands of black or dark brown and green or blue-green color. Chrome is more common in green – it has a black-brown-green color. The hardness of the two substances is comparable – Chrome is slightly softer. Cutting and polishing tourmalines results in a faceted gem with lots of tiny faces, which allows them to refract and exhibit their bright colors. Chrome Tourmaline has slight brownish inclusions that may be deep or shallow, large or small. The presence of inclusions also increases the value of the gemstone.

Chrome Tourmaline History

Some historians claim that there was confusion between rubellite and chrome tourmaline. Because of this confusion, some collectors and sellers from the 1860s began to mix up these two types of tourmalines and sell them as rubellite. They received less attention because rubellite demands more money for its quality. When the mistake was discovered, people thought chrome tourmaline wasn’t as valuable. Over time, this changed when more and more consumers discovered the brilliance of chrome tourmaline.

Benefits of Chrome Tourmaline

Chrome Tourmaline is a popular gemstone for making jewelry. Because of its black-brown-green color, it helps bring strength to one’s personality. Chrome tourmaline enhances concentration, helps one achieve a deep level of understanding, brings forth happiness, and is suitable for various other purposes, such as meditation and spiritual growth. Chrome tourmaline also encourages balance in people’s lives, uplifting their spirits and providing them with the ability to deal with the ups and downs that life brings.

Chrome Tourmaline is effective in removing negative energies, stagnating energy, and negativity. It also promotes peacefulness, inner calmness, and a strong sense of protection. It is said to heal emotional imbalances by amplifying the positive emotions of love, joy, and care, which have been known to reduce stress and anxiety simultaneously.

Chrome Tourmaline is also a great healing stone. It strengthens the immune system and combats viral infections by speeding up oxygen production in infected cells. Chrome Tourmaline also has great health benefits related to the heart and circulatory system, regulating blood pressure and boosting immunity.

It also comprehends the body’s flow of energy and helps balance the energy within it through grounding, cleansing, and aligning with the chakras. It is known to remove blocks from some of your chakras.

Chrome tourmaline is a powerful stone that protects people from psychic attacks, spells, negative energies, and any unwanted energies. This protective stone can help you dispel negative vibrations around yourself by keeping you calm and protected from negativity.

It is a stone that can calm and balance emotions if you feel out of control. It can protect you from environmental pollution and electromagnetic smog as well. It absorbs this negative energy and transmutes it into positive energy, thereby giving you the protection you need.

What Makes Chrome Tourmaline Special

Chrome Tourmaline, or Chrome-Tourmaline as it is sometimes referred to, is greenish to pastel pink variety of Tourmaline that is the rarest of all. There are only about twenty known Chrome-Tourmalines in the world, and less than ten of those are gem quality. Most of these stones come from Tanzania, India, and Brazil. Chrome-Tourmalines are extremely rare and are not commonly available due to their high price. Although Chrome-Tourmaline is rare and difficult to find, if you should happen to encounter one in its rough form, it is well worth your time and effort. Due to their shape, they can be easily sawn into various shapes that are hard or impossible with other green Tourmalines. Chrome-Tourmaline is an excellent stone for beginning cutters looking for a challenge because of the difficulty involved with cutting them.

Chrome-Tourmaline is a complex and interesting mineral that contains many sub-varieties with different colors and compositions. The pink to green stones are most often referred to as Chrome Tourmaline. The chemical composition of chrome tourmalines is Na(Li,Al)[Si6O18]Cl(OH).

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