Demantoid Garnet Gemstones


Garnet is the perfect gemstone for any jewelry lover. Though it comes in many colors, the most precious and sought-after type of garnet is demantoid garnet. Demantoid garnets are one of the rarest gems in existence, as they are only found in a handful of locales on Earth.

The name demantoid comes from the Swedish word for “diamond,” evidently because the stone’s wonderful play of color reminds those who see it of a diamond’s sparkle.
Demantoid garnet is noted for its bright greenish-yellow color and usually appears in small, transparent pieces. It is a silicate mineral with a hardness of 6-7 on the Mohs Scale, meaning it can be easily shaped by tools as simple as a knife. Its specific gravity is 3.97-4.05, which indicates that the demantoid is quite dense for a gem.

Since demantoid garnet is very hard, it should be cleaned by a professional with the proper equipment to clean and polish the stone properly. Demantoid garnet should always be protected from strong heat and harsh chemicals. Demantoids will permanently lose their fire and brilliance if exposed to high temperatures or chemicals. During heat treatments, the stone can flare up in flames because of its pyroelectric properties.

Benefits of Demantoid Garnet
There are many benefits of demantoid garnet. Considered to be an exceptional stone, the customers can find it in various jewelry and carvings. Different types of demantoid garnets are available for sale in the market. Here are some benefits of demantoid garnet that make people who buy and wear it:

1. Health Benefits
Demantoid garnet has a high presence of iron, preventing many health problems, including anemia and other health issues. Iron is very important to carry hemoglobin in the red blood cells and thus helps carry oxygen throughout the body. This can help a person remain healthy, active, and energetic throughout the day.

As demantoid garnet is a rich source of iron, it provides nutrients that are useful for endurance. It is helpful for people who suffer from anemia and iron deficiency. Demantoid garnets also positively affect the hearts and blood vessels, preventing heart diseases. They also strengthen bones and improve blood circulation, aiding in whole-body health.

2. Spirituality
Demantoid garnet gives a beautiful aura around it. It is mostly used in making medallions, charms, rings, and necklaces. Demantoid garnets are considered very spiritual stones and bring good luck to their owners. People who wear them can be protected from dangerous activities in their lives. They are powerful stones that can help a person remain healthy, active, and energetic throughout the day.

3. Wealth And Success
The rich yellow-green color of demantoid garnet symbolizes sunrays and wealth, making it a powerful stone for attracting wealth and success in people’s lives. It promotes self-confidence and brings victory. Demantoid garnets also help cultivate financial success and bring wealth through their mystical powers.

4. Prosperity And Abundance
Demantoid garnet is an excellent stone for prosperity and abundance because it protects from negative energy and destruction. The gemstone helps in gaining new ideas and freshness in any work. This gemstone also assists people in gaining a positive feeling while doing their projects, and they can remain motivated throughout the entire process.

5. Protection And Healing
This gemstone is a wonderful protector from negative energy and spirits, especially in one’s home or office. It protects from disastrous events and heals an individual’s depressive temper to bring positive vibrations to the environment. Demantoid garnet is extremely useful for people prone to negative thoughts as it helps keep away any negative thoughts or feelings that cause stress in the mind, body, and spirit.

What Makes Demantoid Garnet Special?
Demantoid garnet is a gemstone that is quite difficult to find. It is so unique and rare that it can easily be named an exotic stone. Some people may not be familiar with the name demantoid as this stone is found in very few areas on the Earth, for example, in Russia, Myanmar, and the Ural Mountains.

In its pure form, this gemstone has pure green color without any mixtures of other colors. The most popular color of demantoid is emerald green. However, after being exposed to daylight, the color of this mineral turns out to be yellowish-green. When it comes in contact with a chemical compound called hydrogen sulfide, its color turns out metallic yellow.

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