Diopside Gemstones


Diopside is both a mineral and a chemical compound. It is an important component of dioptase, a silicate mineral that exhibits an intense electric yellow to reddish-orange fluorescence. The compound occurs in various forms and is the aluminium analogue of pyrolusite. A convincing example of its variety of colors would be its natural form, “stone orange.” Its color has also been described as being between yellow and “a fine salmon-pink.” There is also a black variety called melanite.

Diopside is found in igneous and metamorphic rocks and sedimentary rock. It was first noted by Eduard Ritter von Hofmann in 1845, from Merehead Quarry, Somerset, and named for the famous French mineralogist Michel-Eugène Chevreux (1787–1870).

The mineral diopside is related to wollastonite and is a calcium-rich member of the pyroxene group. The calcium in the diopside occurs in the form of the mineral forsterite, a magnesium iron silicate with formula. Both forsterite and diopside are polymorphous with orthorhombic olivine.

Benefits of Diopside

1. Remedy the skin problems
Diopside helps treat skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, pustules, and sores. It is also useful for sore throat.

2. Is an exfoliant
It is a very beneficial gemstone for treating acne problems as it removes dead skin cells and blackheads. It also reduces the appearance of scars and other imperfections on the skin.

3. Helps in the treatment of cholesterol
Diopside is very beneficial in the treatment of high cholesterol. It helps lower the LDL level in blood by converting it into alpha-lipoic acid and recycles lipoproteins processed by the liver.

4. Balances blood pressure
Its oxygen-rich content makes diopside beneficial for people with sensitive blood pressure levels. It helps to lower high blood pressure as well as balance it.

5. Helps in the treatment of alopecia and hair falling problem
Diopside is an excellent remedy for supposing alopecia and hair fall problems. It also removes any dandruff problem that is present on your scalp.

6. Balances the endocrine system
Diopside is beneficial for balancing the endocrine system. It can increase the secretion of sex hormones in both men and women.

7. Treats the liver
Diopside is a rich source of silicon that the liver needs to detoxify itself and remove any toxic deposits from blood. It also helps improve liver functioning like better metabolism, digestion, and secretion of bile that helps in fat metabolizing.

8. Treats muscle spasms
Diopside is beneficial for treating muscle spasms and related problems. It helps in working out the veins and tissue of muscles.

9. Balances digestion
People who suffer from indigestion, stomach ache, or low appetite can benefit from wearing diopside as it balances their digestive system. It also helps in the absorption of nutrients.

What Makes Diopside Special?
Diopside is a rare gemstone with many qualities that make it difficult to find on the market. It has a unique way of expressing its beauty in different lights and shades. The fluorescent quality of diopside is also very important because it is the first fluorescent mineral ever discovered by man. It has been used in the jewelry industry since ancient times. Today, the demand for this stone has increased due to its beautiful shades and characteristics.

There are two varieties of diopside available for collection. These are the ruby-red and the apple-green variety. Both of them have different healing properties. Ruby red diopside is a good remedy for eye problems like strain, photophobia, conjunctivitis, and ocular injuries. This variety of diopside can be very helpful in treating stomach problems like indigestion, acidity, gas issues, and ulcers. Apple green diopside is good for muscle and joint pains, fever, and respiratory problems like bronchitis, asthma, and obesity.

It is believed that diopside gemstone can provide harmony during travel or when working outside the home. It has parasympathetic property and can help balance the nervous system when it drops. This variety of stones is good for the throat chakra. It helps in eliminating stress from our minds by providing clarity and peace.

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