Fluorite Gemstones


Fluorite is a mineral with a trigonal crystal system, which means it has three angled surfaces in the same plane. Fluorite is mainly composed of calcium fluoride with some other impurities.
Fluorite is commonly found in veins and can be a variety of colors, like blue, green, purple, white, or even yellow. Fluorite is sometimes found as stalactites on cave ceilings.

Fluorite classification

It was named fluorite because of the intense fluorescence of its minerals in ultraviolet light. Fluorite often contains calcium and may be colored by traces of manganese. It can contain significant amounts of uranium, thorium, and other heavy metals.

Fluorite is the primary source for a variety of different industrial chemicals, including hydrofluoric acid and hydrofluoric acid etchants, polyvinyl fluoride and sodium fluoride and phosphoric acid, the dark purple fluorite minerals and alum fluorite, the light green fluorite minerals, the rose-colored fluorite mineral known as rhodonite, some yellow fluorite minerals called gold fluorite or stannous fluoride.

Uses of Flourite

1. Fluorite has a low thermal expansion coefficient, which means it won’t expand much when heated, so it is commonly used in high-temperature applications such as glass blowing and infrared optical equipment.

2. Fluorite is used in producing hydrofluoric acid, which is used in many types of acids and fluorides. It makes it very useful in some industries.

3. Fluorite has good electrical and scratch resistance, making it suitable for switchgear and other electrical equipment, especially those with high-temperature requirements, such as vacuum tubes and nuclear reactors.

4. Fluorite produces glass, solid-state electronic devices, and specialty optics, including optical filters and optical fibers. Fluorine gas is also used for refrigeration applications, drinking water fluorination, and rubber fluorination for electrical insulating material. Flourite is commonly used as a refractory in ceramic kilns to raise ceramic materials’ temperature and promote faster cooling.

Benefits of Flourite

1. Fluorite is a mental cleanser and a beneficial stone for meditation, especially when placed on the third eye chakra. It enhances concentration and analysis and encourages intellectual knowledge, aiding in understanding and realizing metaphysical truths.

2. Fluorite is a good stone for those who have trouble sleeping because it helps eliminate nightmares and the cause of oneiric restlessness in children. It will help reduce the effects of jet lag when placed under the pillow while traveling long distances, and if kept in the pocket while flying, it helps to calm nervous tension during flights.

3. Fluorite supports the lungs, relieving problems when breathing through the body and assisting with fatigue related to air chest congestion. It can be worn around the neck or kept in a pocket to help with cases of asthma.

4. Fluorite stimulates the immune system and encourages new blood vessels to form throughout the body, supporting anemia, arthritis, and some joint disorders.

5. Fluorite can be used to purify the blood, treating cases of leukoderma, anemia, and certain types of memory loss. It can be used to treat or prevent poisoning and radiation poisoning and supports the endocrine system.

6. Fluorite is a good stone for those experiencing problems with thyroid gland function, as it restores the gland’s balance by boosting the body’s ability to absorb iodine. It is especially beneficial to those living in areas where iodine-rich foods are unavailable. Fluorite can also be used to treat goiters and high thyroid tissue levels.

7. Fluorite is a powerful stone for removing negative energy from the environment and can be used in Dreamtime to make it easier to recall dreams. It is also a good stone for use with pets that have liver disease or parasites because it will help to clear these conditions by removing the toxicity from animals.

8. Fluorite is an excellent crystal for meditation and visualization. It helps open the third eye pineal gland allowing you to activate your intuition, access higher states of consciousness, channel higher spiritual energies through meditation, enhance your psychic abilities and increase awareness.

Fluorite is a widely used mineral in wide varieties, colors, and sizes, and it can be found in many places around the world. It is essential for many industries, such as glass making and electronics manufacturing. Despite its usefulness and plethora of uses, fluorite is often overlooked as a mineral that can improve one’s life. Fluorite has been reported to help treat issues related to the thyroid gland and elevate moods, among other things.

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