Green Amethyst (Prasiolite) Gemstones


Green Amethyst is a rare gem known as Prasiolite. The mineral is a rare silicone dioxide that is a member of the Quartz family.


Many people who practice mind, body, and spirit rituals believe that gems can make a person feel good. Green Amethyst can heal from traumatic experiences. The green gem can draw love into the Heart Chakra. This amethyst gem can help create better human relationships by helping one break the ties of negativity.

Why Green Amethyst gem is special

Just by holding the bare stone or wearing it as a piece of jewlry, one can feel peace and harmony. In the 19th century, wealthy people from Egypt and Greece believed the Green Amethyst could heal them physically and mentally. Some people think the Green Amethyst stone symbolizes sobriety. The Green Amethyst is the stone of people born in February.


Green Amethyst can be purchased online or in a brick and mortar jewelry store for between $5 and $50. The value can be determine by the cut, clarity, and color of the Green Amethyst.

History of Green Amethyst

The Green Amethyst was originally discovered in Silesia, Poland, back in the early 1800s. The gem was mined in Poland, Brazil, and Canada until February 2019. Now, the Green Amethyst can only be mined in Brazil where they began in 1950 to the mine Green Amesthyst.

Properties of Green Amethyst

Purple Amethyst when heated turns green. Green Amethyst at a hardness level of 7 is considered Quartz. The Green gem has to reach hardness level of 10. The gem can be any size of shape and worn as a ring or broach, etc. The Green Amethyst stone is not easily scratched. The gem can be worn everyday without worrying about harming it.

Care of the Green Amethyst

The Green Amethyst is easy to care for. The gem can be washed with a mild soap, brushed off with a soft bristle brush, or wipe with a dry micro fiber cloth. The Green gem just be kept in a jewelry box and away from previous minerals. A small box inside a jewelry box is perfect. Take the ring off when taking a sun bath. The harsh sun or any strong heat will make the gem turn yellow and lose a lot of its luster.

Mentioned in the Bible

Amethyst is mentioned in Exodus 28.19 and 39.12. The Amethyst stone is regarded as one of the 12 stones that represents one of the 12 Israel tribes. Amethyst is one of the dozen gems that adorned High Priest Aaron’s lamb. Cardinals and priests created and wore Amethyst stones. Amethyst means dream stone.

How to Tell Fake Green Amethyst From the Real Stone

Beware, 90% of Green Amethyst is fake. Be sure to ask questions. Authentic Green Amethyst comes from Brazil. Check with a jeweler to find out if your gem is made from synthetic properties. Authentic Green Amethyst prasiolite can be purchased from online jewelry stores.

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