Khooni Neelam Gemstones


Khooni Neelam is a purple-colored gemstone with healing properties. It has also been used to treat various ailments and is one of the most auspicious stones for the Indian subcontinent. Its name translates to “blood of the Neelam tree,” In India, it has been used since the time of the ancient Vedic people.

1. It Assists in Removing Negative Thoughts.

Khooni Neelam is a gemstone that is a very effective tool for dispelling negative thoughts. The purplish color of this precious stone makes it a very effective natural remedy for bad dreams, anxiety, depression, and other mental ailments. It radiates positive energy and is an ideal stone for removing the negative thoughts from one’s mind.

2. Shows Vibrations Towards Good Fortune.

Khooni Neelam is known to be an auspicious stone. Vibrations of this gemstone carry good fortune and luck into all the five senses. Add to it its healing properties. It makes Khooni Neelam a fortunate stone indeed. This gemstone can be gifted to anyone who seeks good luck and fortune in all the five senses.

2. It Reduces Inflammation.

Khooni Neelam helps reduce inflammation and also leads to the healing of wounds without the use of antibiotics or other chemical drugs. This gemstone is used post surgeries or fractures, reducing pain and speeding up recovery. This stone has been found to heal a sore throat and can be rubbed on the area of pain for faster healing.

4. It Can Help in Weight Loss and the Losing of Belly Fat.

Even though Khooni Neelam is not a weight loss aid, it does help one to lose weight. It also helps reduce belly fat or other fat deposits around the waist. Khooni Neelam helps dissolve fat deposits by stimulating a person’s lymphatic system. It gets used when dieting as it helps people lose weight very quickly. It is recommended that one must eat a proper diet after using Khooni Neelam for weight loss.

5. It Clarifies Vision and Brain Function.

This gemstone’s purplish-blue color allows it to clear all the hurdles in the vision and brain function. One can use this stone to prevent the inflammation of the eyes and reduce the risk of cataracts in people who are over 50 years. This gemstone has a very effective remedy for eye conditions like conjunctivitis, eye infections and glaucoma.

7. It Contains Antioxidant Properties and Prevents Prostate Cancer.

Khooni Neelam contains elements like selenium and molybdenum, which are known to have antioxidant properties. These properties help neutralize free radicals that lead to health problems like cancer. Khooni Neelam works as a natural anti-cancer agent and in the treatment of other cancers.

8. It Prevents Heart Diseases, Blood Disorders, and Diabetes.

Khooni Neelam has a very high content of elements like selenium and molybdenum, which possess remarkable antioxidant properties. These elements work together to prevent heart diseases, blood disorders, and diabetes. The purple color of this gemstone gives it the ability to fight cancer and other illnesses related to blood pressure, heart disease, broken bones and other such conditions.

9. It Helps In the Repair of Broken Bones.

Commendable for its incredible purplish-blue color, Khooni Neelam displays amazing healing properties. One of its top benefits is the ability to heal broken bones. Patients with broken bones can put this stone on their affected area and speed up the healing process.

It is known that gems used in treating physical ailments are very effective as they emit powerful healing energy. Khooni Neelam is no exception to this statement and is a gemstone that has long been associated with therapeutic properties. Many ancient texts mention this stone and other stones like Chloritic Quartz and Sapphire, but it has only been lately that Khooni Neelam became popular for its healing properties.

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