Kunzite Gemstones


Mesmerizing colors swirl and explode from this fragile blue gemstone, its uncanny effects known since ancient times. Now it’s easy to get your hands on this lost-to-time stone as the new jewelry item of choice among some of the world’s most high-profile luminaries. Kunzite is a fascinating crystal with an even more fascinating history stretching back over 3.5 billion years, but what makes its scarcity not only inevitable but desirable is a phenomenon unique to this “living stone.”

Kunzite is a rare and unusual gemstone, with the rarity factor being so great that the average person has probably never seen or held one. While other gemstones like ruby, sapphire, and diamond are plucked from the earth to be polished, designed, and set into jewelry by maverick artisans in remote villages of India and faraway regions of China, this stone is simply too rare to come from an earthbound source.

Instead, kunzite is found in meteorites that have fallen to earth. What makes it so rare, unlike any of the other gemstones, is that kunzite only forms during the impact cratering process after an asteroid has struck Earth. This powerful force heats and presses minerals into creating new compounds never seen on our planet. It’s this unique element of surprise from which the beauty of this precious stone is born.

Benefits of Kunzite
1. Good-Loving & Spiritual Ability
Kunzite is known as the stone of forgiveness, love, and luck. It brings inner peace, relieves depression, and encourages one to find the good in others while keeping a cool head during challenging times.

2. Good Communication
Kunzite helps one let go of negative thoughts and bad feelings, allowing for peaceful communication with others. This helps make for a more harmonious environment when dealing with conflict at home or on the job.

3. Stress Relief
We all deal with stress in the hustle and bustle of everyday life; Kunzite can help you find calm in the chaos of everyday stress. It helps one let go of negative emotions that feed stress and gives one a sense of inner peace.

4. Self-Love & Acceptance
This crystal helps one see through the eyes of love and encourages acceptance of oneself and others around us. Kunzite can help you develop self-love and learn how to love others.

5. Sexual Attraction & Awareness
Kunzite is known as the stone of love, bringing love not only in romantic relationships but also in friendships and family relationships. It helps one be aware of the physical attraction that others can have to them and appreciate it.

6. Inspiration & Actions
Kunzite can help one feel inspired and act with inner love and kindness, helping not only to inspire others but also to make your own life more fulfilling. It’s also said to be an aphrodisiac, increasing sexual awareness, reducing inhibitions, and heightening sensuality in both sexes.

7. Inner Peace & Calmness
Kunzite brings inner peace and calmness that can help us tap into our intuition and develop a more loving/calm demeanor. It also helps one let go of the stress that we accumulate within our daily lives by helping us realize we don’t have to let it control our lives.

What Makes Kunzite Special?
Kunzite is one of the 13 original rainbow crystals named after an “i” or “w” sound. It is produced by a perfectly harmonious arrangement of the elements that make up its molecular structure. Compared to other gemstones, kunzite’s rareness is due to its three-dimensional crystalline shape. Like the same cube being cut into 48 rectangles, each of these thin, aligned layers produces a different stone from just one crystal.

In terms of its value as a material, kunzite is priced similarly to fine ruby, sapphire, and diamond. While it may be difficult to source this beautiful stone, it’s not impossible, especially if you know where to look. In the United States, Montana has been the source of the largest historical finds. However, today with China and India active in mining operations along with the U.S. and other countries worldwide, you have many choices when it comes to sourcing kunzite.

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