Moldavite Gemstones


Moldavite is a gemstone found in the Czech Republic. It is rare, only found in areas of Europe where there was once a meteorite impact. After thousands of years, Moldavite remains mysterious and unknown to most people. It is said to be a stone of good luck and protection. Moldavite has attracted the attention of people throughout the world for its almost mystical properties.

Moldavite is created from a meteorite that fell from the sky, shattering into pieces. The original mineral composition has changed over time, causing it to retain its original appearance, even though it is a stone that spans thousands of years. Some who claim to have Moldavite in their possession claim that it never loses any of its original weight or strength when cut or polished.

Moldavite is considered a stone of good luck and protection – it has been said that if a woman wears a Moldavite ring, her husband will be faithful. It is also believed to be linked to numerology, meaning 666 in Latin. It is often associated with the number 666.

Benefits of Moldavite
1. Moldavite is a stone of protection against misfortune and troubles.
It brings stability and helps restore peace in the most unstable situations. It is said to be a calming stone, enabling one to regain peace even when things seem at their worst.

2. . Moldavite is said to be a stone of good fortune and abundance.
It brings prosperity, and goals are often fulfilled when one wears or carries a piece of Moldavite. It is the only gemstone in the world that forms by meteorite impact. It is extremely soft yet can withstand damage and never loses any of its original weight or strength when cut or polished. It has been found that not even diamonds crafted centuries ago have maintained their original weight.

3. Moldavite is thought to be a stone of protection against witchcraft and negative energies.
Its hardness protects against negativity, preventing those with negative intentions from harming one’s body or possessions. It can even protect against dark magic and the dark powers of witchcraft. Moldavite has been used throughout history to protect people from the effects of witchcraft in both spiritual and material ways. It is said to protect against the influence of sorcery, black magic, and general evil manifestations.

4. Moldavite is believed to be an effective stone for protection against the “evil eye.”
Carrying or wearing Moldavite can help prevent unwanted negative attention and defend against individuals who may engage in black magic. It can also help one avoid being influenced by those who practice witchcraft.

5. Moldavite is said to have amazing powers of healing and regeneration,
as well as the ability to eliminate illness and disease by removing stress from the body and mind. It eliminates toxins from the body, helping cure many illnesses and diseases. It has been used to cure skin problems and allergies and eliminate parasites from the body. It is said that even those terminally ill can experience a reduction of pain and an increase in energy once Moldavite is introduced into their lives.

6. Moldavite is believed to be an excellent stone for channeling and enhancing one’s psychic abilities, including clairvoyance and clairaudience.
It allows one to bring in insights from the spirit realm and discern information from future events. It is also believed to be a stone that enhances communication with the spirit realm, allowing one to have accurate insight into their situation and learn very personal things about their future that they may not know otherwise.

What Makes Moldavite Special?
Perhaps the most interesting thing about Moldavite is its unique substance, as it is a stone created from a meteorite. It is the only gemstone in the world to originate from a meteorite impact. It has been found that it can survive thousands of years without any change to its original form. Even diamonds, one of the hardest minerals on Earth, have not been able to last so long without changing their appearance – never retaining their original weight even after being cut and polished into gems.

Moldavite is said to have a special vibrational frequency that can only be reached by finding the right person or object. It is said that the vibration of Moldavite is the frequency of God, and when it touches anything, it allows the object or person to resonate with this vibration. When this happens, a strong energy current flows between one and the stone. The person or object receives protection from negative energies and ill-intentions and protection against witchcraft and negative magic.

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