Mozambique Ruby Gemstones


Mozambique Ruby

The Mozambique Ruby is a variety of ruby found in southern Africa and was originally discovered in 1868. This gemstone is shaped like a flattened sphere with a rough coating removed, which gives the stone its vibrant colors. The Mozambique Ruby colors range from purples to blues, greens, yellow, and sometimes amethysts. However, they are not as vibrant as diamonds or sapphires, and their colors tend to darken over time. The Mozambique Ruby is one of the most valuable gemstones found on earth today because of its relatively large size and amazing color.

Preparation of Mozambique Ruby

Mozambique Ruby is cut from the rough form in the mine and transported to processing facilities where the rough diamonds are cut and polished into a finished gemstone. It requires more than one million dollars in investment to bring these rough stones to a fineness of 0.15 ct., making this stone very expensive in the market.

Mozambique Rubies are treated in hot-water solutions to remove impurities present. Some of the more expensive rubies have been treated using lasers, which are more complicated and time-consuming than heating methods.

Properties of Mozambique Ruby

The most important properties of the Mozambique Ruby are its intense color, which ranges from purple to deep blue, and the fact that they do not need to be heated during the process of cutting and polishing them. A gemstone is said to have a non-heat treatment when it either doesn’t need heat or only needs minimal heat. This is because heat will cause the surface of a gemstone to crack. However, since no heating is involved with this type of ruby, it can also withstand immense pressure.

The Mozambique Ruby is also very hard compared to other gemstones and usually ranges between 7.5 and 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This means that it is almost impossible to scratch it or damage it in any way. It can easily withstand extreme temperatures and will not deteriorate unless exposed to heat or acid, which rarely happens.

The most valuable gems are those with the deepest and darkest color; therefore, the deeper blue a Mozambique Ruby has, the higher its price will be.

Uses of Mozambique Ruby

Ruby is one of the most valuable gemstones in the world and is used for some of the world’s finest pieces of jewelry. However, many people don’t know that ruby also has industrial uses.

So here are some other ways ruby is used-
1) As a heat conductor: Ruby is an excellent material for cooking because it releases heat without changing color or requiring constant attention. Fry pans with a ruby bottom are especially valued in Japan (The fact that it always looks red and is a good conductor of heat would probably have something to do with it).
2) As a lens coating: Ruby has been used for many years as a coating on lenses because of its transparency, hardness, and refraction.
3) For decorative uses: For example, ruby is found in high-quality rouge or eye shadow. Since ruby is so hard, it is ground up into a fine powder that resists fading and is highly reflective.
4) For ruby lasers: Ruby lasers can also be made if a rod of synthetic ruby is doped with chromium. In addition, if the chromium in synthetic ruby is replaced with erbium or neodymium, the laser will produce pulses of light with wavelengths around 1 micrometer. These lasers are popular in some industries because they are small and relatively inexpensive.

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