Neon Apatite Gemstones


As far as gemstones go, apatite is not as common a stone as others. For years, it was typically only found in commercial jewelry stores as a specialty stone. However, a more popular form of this stone has been popping up more often in the past few years and is known as Neon Apatite. It’s easy to see why this extremely attractive and useful stone has been gaining popularity among both men and women.

What is Neon Apatite?

Apatite was found in large amounts in nature years ago. It is a group of phosphate minerals that comes in a variety of beautiful colors. Apatite is also found in the human body! Bone mineral and tooth enamel have small amounts of apatite in them. There is even apatite in the moon rocks that have been brought back to the Earth by astronauts. Some types of apatite are even used in the manufacturing of chemical products, acids, and fertilizers.

The color of Neon Apatite is an electrifying, brilliant shade of blue, which is why it is so popular among the public. This type of gemstone is extremely soft as well as heat sensitive. Neon Apatite is a very versatile stone that can be worn in any form, from earrings to rings to pendants to bracelets and more. On a scale of one to 10, apatite has a hardness of around five, so it is important to treat the gem with proper care.

The Discovery of Neon Apatite

Neon Apatite was first discovered in the 1980s on the island of Madagascar. For about 10 years, the Madagascar deposits were very heavily mined, producing copious amounts of the gems. While the gems were being mined, prices were much lower. Since the mine production has all but ceased, the price of Neon Apatite has increased due to a decrease in supply.

Abraham Gottlon Werner was the German geologist who christened the name of the gemstone after its discovery. Apatite is derived from apatein, a Greek word that means “to deceive or be misleading”. The reason for this name is because the apatite stone has a chameleonic ability to appear like other stones. Apatite is often mistaken for topaz, peridot, beryl, tourmaline, and aquamarine, contingent on the individual color.

While the stone was first discovered in Madagascar, deposits of apatite have also been mined in Sweden, Russia, Mexico, Canada, Burma, Brazil, and East Africa.

The Many Benefits of Neon Apatite

Neon Apatite is a beautiful stone that many people enjoy just for the stunning visual effect it produces. However, Neon Apatite offers many benefits that make this stone a coveted one. It is known to bring the owner spiritual, healing, and psychic benefits when worn or held.

Neon Apatite enhances group communication and public speaking skills for those who wear it as jewelry or hold it as a natural stone. It’s also said to be a memory booster, making it a popular stone for those studying for exams or losing their memory as they age. Neon Apatite is also said to increase the psychic skills of the person wearing it, allowing them to be more decisive when it comes to important matters.

Neon Apatite will also cleanse the aura of the individual wearing it, removing any negativity surrounding their mental health. Keeping this gem close, either under a pillow or in your hand, will help with meditation. It is said to assist the creative side of one’s brain as well, by creating positive vibrations around the wearer. Neon Apatite is a special stone that is perfect in many ways, making it a popular selection for many.

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