Peach Sapphire Gemstones


When you want a great addition to a gem collection, the peach sapphire should come to mind. Not only that, but having this color variety will instantly add brilliance to jewelry. If you are familiar with the peach, then you are also aware that there are many shades available.

With the peach sapphire, you are delving into a gemstone known as corundum. This variant is unlike the many other sapphire colors for the fact that it is considered to be rare. However, the rarity is not what makes it sought after. The fact that the color itself is captivating and is available in many tones.

The peach color that makes up the peach sapphire stems from the iron and chromium found within. Besides knowing this detail, there are other characteristics that make the peach sapphire stand out from the rest.

Comparing the Peach Sapphire to Other Gems

As of late, there have been quite a few color variances that continue to be desired. Everything from pink diamonds to rose gold to now the favored peach sapphire. By comparison, the peach sapphire is able to provide the same great look and feel as other gemstones on the market.
In fact, some of the well-known gems can be too expensive or too cheap and offer many choices or not so many.

Basically, what you get ïs a mix of gems. However, what you need to consider is what makes the gems different from one another. That way, your choice will be clearly made.

The Morganite

With the morganite, you get a gemstone that is pink in color. Similar to an emerald, a morganite contains equal characteristics and shape and has even been referred to as the pink version of an emerald. The morganite is mostly seen in a warm hue of pink and even close to a yellow. With the peach sapphire, it is usually found to have the pinkish color added that stems from the yellow and red combination.

Although the clarity of the morganite is greater than a sapphire, a sapphire is known as a corundum, which allows it to be more durable than a morganite. As far as cost is concerned, it depends on the gemstone itself and is determined by the gem`s clarity, crat, and cut. When these features are added, the peach sapphire may be more costly than the morganite. It also depends on the type of jewelry the gem is used for.

The Pink Diamond

Known to be a very expensive diamond, the pink diamond is a very hard diamond to find, especially if you want a variety known as Argyle. When you plan to have a pink diamond in your possession as a single gem or set in jewelry, you will need to be ready to spend a lot of money for one. If you are the adventurous type, then you can go and search the world for one. This hunt will be especially true if the Argyle type is what you desire since it will likely not be found on the regular gemstone market.

Having the peach sapphire is a great alternative for those who wish to have a diamond with pink hue. A swap that is direct can easily be done or it can be in support of other stones such as those used as a side stone.

Besides the peach sapphire being very affordable, the many tones that are available allows it to be compared to the pink diamond and allow you to match its characteristics that the pink diamond also has. Of course, if you compare it like that, it would depend on the sapphire`s condition.

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