Peridot Gemstones


Peridot is a gem with a fascinating and intriguing history. Many people have long admired this subtle stone with a great deal of flair. Pronounced peri-doe, the gem has been used in jewelry and other decorative objects for hundred of years. A close look at any piece of peridot shows off varied shades of soft green that can change in the light The kind of color will tend to cross from understated line green to a deep olive green. Some stones have a bit of iron that brings them to the yellow side of the spectrum while other gems have more iron and thus have a browner tint.

An Engaging History

One of the most amazing things about peridot is that humans have been using it since nearly the dawn of time. The stone was known to the ancient Egyptians. They even named it their gem of the sun. The Red Sea has long been a source of superior quality peridot. The ancient Greeks also knew of the stone and loved it just as much as modern wearers. By the middle ages, it had spread to many parts of Europe. Peridot was widely used in many important jewelry pieces worn by royalty and ordinary people alike.

Many Benefits

Many benefits are associated with the use of peridot against the skin. People who wear it know that can help with many medical issues. Peridot has a strong association with the planet Mercury. When Mercury is weak, this can hinder the acquisition of knowledge and make it harder for people to communicate with the people they love most in their lives. In astrology, it is also associated with several star signs including Gemini and Virgo. Today, peridot represents the month of August. This is the birthstone you want to to have on hand if you were born in August.

Using peridot is believed to help people feel more confidence as well as being able to absorb information more readily. Many people also feel that helps them remember things better. This can help them concentrate on the issues at hand. That’s why it is a popular stone for students as well as those in many professional capacities. The stone is also said to make it easier to do things such as speak well in front of a crowd. That’s why it is popular with entertainers as well others who have to give speeches such as politicians and public relations experts.

The stone is also said to have properties that can help people relax. Those who suffer from nervous disorders of all kinds are urged to make use of it. The same is true of people who have allergies. Allergies can be painful and frustrating. Wearing jewelry that uses peridot in the design is said to help people overcome both seasonal allergies and allergies that are common all year long.

Metals Used With Peridot

One of the very best things about this stone is how well it goes with many other items in your wardrobe. You can find peridot bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants, pins and even tiaras. It’s long been used by jewelry makers looking for something out of the ordinary.

Today, jewelry designers like to sit in silver. The silvery glow of this metal allows for a nice backdrop that brings the entire piece together. Other metals are also popular when it comes to the use of peridot pieces. Warm gold lends itself naturally to the fire found in peridot.

Those in search of something out of the ordinary will fall in love with this pretty gemstone.

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