Rainbow Fluorite Gemstones


What is Rainbow Fluorite?
Rainbow fluorite is a colorful form of fluorite that contains red, pink, green, and blue phosphors. Quartz is used to give the mineral a beautiful array of colors. It was initially mined in Russia, and most specimens today come from Germany.

Why Is Rainbow Fluorite Rare?
Rainbow fluorites are rare because they are expensive to mine due to the low deposits in Russia and China. In addition, it takes over one dozen years for the mineral to be turned into this rare gemstone! Once polished, they only exhibit their vibrant colors under natural light, making them even more precious as jewelry pieces. The stones and the labor needed to produce them make them one of the most valuable minerals on Earth.

How is Rainbow Fluorite Made?
Rainbow fluorite is made by mixing natural fluorite with a flux, usually quartz or borax, and heating it to over 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat removes impurities from the fluorite crystals and turns them into this rare crystal form. Only select pieces of fluorite have all the correct elements to be converted into a vibrant rainbow color.

Where is Rainbow Fluorite Found?
It was first discovered in the Ural Mountains in Russia and subsequently at several locations in China. Today, most rainbow fluorite comes from Germany, where it is cut, polished, and sold as precious stones.

Benefits of Rainbow Fluorite
1. Facilitates Communication
Rainbow fluorite can be used to develop or enhance psychic abilities, Communication and help one speak their truth. It also assists in tuning out negative input from others. Fluorite is known as the philosopher’s stone, and it is said to stimulate mental processes.

2. Provides Energy Boosts
Wearing rainbow fluorite is known to improve energy levels, especially when feeling weak or tired. The crystal is also known as a protective crystal that can be used for protection against negativity or evil spirits. It also helps bring about positive changes in your life, shift negative energies, and limiting beliefs into love and abundance.

3. Facilitates Healing
Rainbow fluorite is known as a stone of Healing and can be used to facilitate the healing process by removing blockages caused by adverse or unwanted energies. One can use it to relieve emotional pain or trauma that may have been buried deep in the subconscious mind. It helps remove emotional pain and resentment, mainly when these emotions result from childhood abuse or neglect.

4. Facilitates Communication with Spirit Guides
The energy of rainbow fluorite is known for attracting spirit guides and assisting in Communication with them. It can also be used as a stone for psychic protection to shield you from negative energies that interfere with clear communication with your spirit guides.

5. Reduces Anger and Encourages Forgiveness
The energy of rainbow fluorite is believed to hold the key to overcoming anger and the desire for revenge. One can use it to release harmful thoughts contributing to anger or anxiety. It is also said to help you see reality for what it is, helping you forgive others and yourself for errors made in the past.

6. Helps You Focus
Rainbow fluorite is known for giving clarity to one’s thoughts, especially when clouded by doubt. The crystal can also help you see beyond the limits of physical Earth, opening a doorway to communication with those who have crossed over. Rainbow fluorite can increase your creative abilities and assist you in visualizing the future when need be.

7. Stimulates Intuition
Rainbow fluorite is said to stimulate and enhance your psychic abilities, especially when you are trying to connect with your spirit guides. It is also great for psychic protection as it can shield you from negative energies that might interfere with your communication with spirit guides and the spiritual realm.

Rainbow fluorite is a unique crystal found in a small number of deposits in Russia and China. Due to its rarity, this is a valuable collector’s item. In addition, it has numerous benefits for its wearer or owner and is most often used for healing and meditation.

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