Red Spinel Gemstones


What is Red Spinel?
Red Spinel is a beautiful gemstone with a deep red hue that’s often compared to the color of dried blood. It is mainly found in the United States, Peru, and Madagascar. The Red Spinel’s Cuts are generally precise or faceted, while they’re more commonly found in a cabochon shape. Gemstone is used in jewelry because it is so rare and beautiful that most consumers cannot resist buying it. It’s also popular to use as a gift for lovers of red gems, like Ruby or Garnet.

What Makes Red Spinel Special?
The manufacturers of Red Spinel claim that it is a very rare gemstone because it forms entirely different from other gems. There is no crystal lattice structure to form, for instance. Instead, Red Spinel forms through the use of the chemical compound rutile, which can be found abundantly in nature and is often found in volcanic rock. The producers of this particular stone claim that it grows by forming long red chains, or spines, around tiny garnet crystals. These spindles grow at an extremely slow pace, taking several years to form at most.

Benefits Of Red Spinel
I. Red Spinel is a Natural Anti-Inflammatory
Although Red Spinel is only in the preliminary stages of research, there are already some indications that it could be helpful for those who need anti-inflammatory medication. Inflammation is responsible for many severe diseases and disorders, including arthritis and heart disease. Scientists hope to use Red Spinels as the base for an aspirin-like drug to cure various inflammatory conditions. Researchers are still working hard to determine exactly what makes this stone effective against inflammation.

2. An Excellent General Pain Reliever
Besides being used as an anti-inflammatory, Red Spinel is also an effective painkiller. They’re beneficial in cases where inflammation is not the cause of the pain, so they provide relief for cases of chronic pain. These stones may be effective enough to replace your traditional pain medication without the side effects often associated with drugs like Advil or Aleve.

3. It Could Help Fight Cancer
Researchers at Syracuse University have discovered that compounds found in Red Spinel can destroy cancer cells in a lab setting. It’s important to note that this research is still tentative, but it could mean a significant breakthrough in our ability to fight deadly cancers without needing chemotherapy or radiation treatments. It’s an exciting possibility that could help many cancer patients in the future.

4. Red Spinel Relieves Stress and Anxiety
People who suffer from stress or anxiety disorders may find relief in using Red Spinel as a jewelry piece or wearing it as a ring. The stone is filled with calming energy, which helps people relax and stay calm in stressful situations. People who live in high-stress environments, like college students, may benefit from wearing Red Spinel to help them get through difficult times.

5. It Can Help You Get to Sleep
Red Spinel is excellent for helping you get to sleep if you’re having trouble getting your feet up at the end of the day. Wearing a piece of this stone helps you relax and calm down, even as it coordinates your inner energy flow, helping you go to sleep peacefully and wake up in the morning feeling rested. It’s so effective that some people use Red Spinel jewelry to reset their inner clock after traveling across time zones.

6. It Boosts Your Friendship
Red Spinels are powerful in a few ways to strengthen personal relationships. First, they’re excellent gifts for couples who have been friends for a long time but have only recently started their romantic relationship. The Red Spinel’s powers of love will help you strengthen your bond with each other and deepen your love as well. One can also use it to strengthen friendships to the point where you feel like family members, helping you become closer and more trustworthy.

Although rare and beautiful, Red Spinel is still a controversial gemstone, but that doesn’t make it any less powerful. There’s enough proof to show that it’s a practical and helpful stone for many suffering from inflammation, cancerous tumors, and chronic pain.

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