Russian Emerald Gemstones


Russian Emerald is a gemstone with an intense, bright green color that seems to sparkle. Russian Emerald is also a stone of high value and rarity for collectors who prize its unique qualities. For one thing, the stone is transparent and free of flaws or inclusions; this makes the Russian Emerald ideal for collectors who want to see their gemstone from the inside. Russia is a country rich in minerals and gemstones, with many gemstones mined there, including sapphire and emeralds stones. However, the Russian Emerald is a rare group of highly transparent emeralds with the green color associated with gems mined in Colombia. This gemstone is referred to as a “Russian” Emerald to differentiate it from other emeralds mined elsewhere.

Russian Emerald has a superb, relentless color and stone clarity which are inimitable and unmistakable. Gemstones can be graded for clarity using the Gemological Institute of America’s scale of grades, with grade 1 being the clearest and grade 10 being opaque or filled. Russian Emerald’s clarity is rated at a perfect 10 by the GIA, making it one of the clearest colored emeralds available.

Russian Emerald has a smooth surface and is free of inclusions or flaws. The GIA describes the stone as having “a buttery luster.” This color is not only intense but also extremely bright and sparkly. Russian Emerald’s strong fire can make it one of the more eye-catching gems in any collection.

Benefits of Russian Emerald
1. Beautiful Green Color
Russian Emerald has a beautiful green color that gives off a strong, vibrant light. The green color of this stone is very effective in making it look more eye-catching and attractive.

2. Flawless Quality
“Russian Emerald gemstones are completely free of any blemishes or inclusions.” This statement is true because nature did not allow these green stones to have flaws or imperfections.

3. Good Value
Russian Emerald has perfect clarity of 10, which means it is highly valued. This quality makes it one of the most valuable and desired stones available at this time.

4. High Tolerance
The color of this stone is perfectly flawless due to the flawless quality and purity that nature had given it to make it more appealing to people who want to purchase these gems for their collection.

5. High Strength
Russian Empire Emerald is the only green emerald in the world, having perfect clarity and flawless quality. These qualities make these emeralds very strong than others.

6. Official Color
The Official color of this stone is a pure bright green color which gives out a powerful and striking effect on eye-sight.

What Makes Russian Emerald Special?
Russian Emeralds are special because of their high level of rarity, one of the most valuable gems known to man. This is probably because Russia has a long and rich history of mining gemstones; many gemstones are found in Russia, including sapphires and emeralds. Russian Emerald is one of the rarest groups of emeralds on earth.

Russian Emerald is also considered very special because it can be found only in the region southeast of Moscow called the Ural Mountain Chain. This area is a famous gemstone-producing region in the world that has a lot of mines from where many other precious gemstones are exported.

The Russian Empire Emeralds are found in the Ural Mountains, which stretch from Russia to Kazakhstan, from north to south. The Ural mountain chain is an up and down mountain range that acts as a natural dam for rivers flowing down side valley valleys into Siberia, thus storing minerals both within and around the mountains. This place is a true paradise for a mineral collector in the world.

The Russian Empire Emeralds have been found in alluvial deposits of the Ural River Valley. The area contains large-scale deposits of many colors and qualities of gemstones from which a large portion is exported to different countries, including Canada, the United States, England, Germany, India and Japan.

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