Sang-E-Maryam Gemstones


Sang-E-Maryam is a gemstone commonly found in the Middle East. Sang-E-Maryam derives its name from a Persian word meaning “blessed,” named after the Virgin Mary. Sang-E-Maryam is also referred to as a “diamond of heaven” due to its unique features and qualities. Sang-E-Maryam can be found in different colors, including red and brown.

This magnificent gemstone has been studied by scientists worldwide due to its exceptional properties and scarcity. Sang-E-Maryam is a crystalline gemstone found in Persia, Kashmir, Afghanistan, and Iran. The mineral is most commonly found in a brown or red variety. Although Sang-E-Maryam is not very difficult to find and often found on its own, it can also be found in different deposits of other minerals such as quartz. This mineral is found in various forms: raw, cut, polished, and cabochon. Its physical characteristics are translucent, with a hardness level of 5.5 on the Mohs scale.

The most distinctive feature of Sang-E-Maryam is the unique color of this stone. Besides its exceptional color, Sang-E-Maryam is also known for its luminous and transparent appearance. Another characteristic of this stone is that it changes color depending on whatever light source it is exposed to. The reason for this lies in the crystal’s unusual chemical composition. It is a mixture of two other minerals – hematite and limonite. This property makes this gemstone an excellent choice in jewelry pieces, business cards, and many other occasions.

Benefits of Sang-E-Maryam
Sang-E-Maryam is one of the most effective gems for use in astrological purposes. This mineral is known for its magical appearance and is used as a proper substitute for citrine. Sang-E Maryam is also known for its ability to cleanse the aura, encourage positive energy and heal the spirit.

In ancient Persia, many believed Sang-E-Maryam possessed divine powers and was considered a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. This gemstone has also been used in ancient Egypt.

The stone is associated with courage, love, and devotion. Blessed with radiant energy, Sang-E-Maryam ensures one can overcome any obstacle that may come in the way of their goals. The stone also makes an excellent gift for any occasion and is used for putting on jewelry and healing the physical body of ailments such as headaches and arthritis. Sang-E-Maryam is known to help heal ailments of the liver and kidney.

Other than Sang-E-Maryam’s power to heal specific ailments, this gemstone also promotes healthy blood circulation throughout the body. Sang-E-Maryam’s color promotes happiness and positive thinking while discouraging anger, resentment, and jealousy. It also stimulates love between couples.

Sang-E-Maryam enhances creativity and reduces the fear of speaking to a large crowd and is also known to bring abundance in the form of money, joy, and luck to its holder. The gemstone is also believed to reduce stress and anxiety and thus makes an excellent stone for traveling. The mineral should be placed in the vehicle or carried by travelers to reduce weariness and fatigue. Sang-E-Maryam is known to increase one’s self-esteem, improve relationships with others, and encourage a positive attitude towards life.

How to buy and own a Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone
Although Sang-E-Maryam is considered a scarce stone, it can be easily acquired by anyone. Depending on its quality and color, you may have to pay a high cost for this gemstone. However, if you are looking for one undamaged in its original position, then purchasing it is not difficult. You may also want to consider buying more than one of these stones if you’re going to display them.

You can also buy this gemstone in different forms, including raw and natural. You can also consider purchasing other varieties of this stone, such as jewelry pieces and bracelets. The prices of these stones may vary depending on the market, the holder of the stone, or the jeweler’s opinion. It may also vary depending on the quality of the stone and its physical condition.

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