South Sea Pearls Gemstones


There is a common belief that gemstones hold certain powers which are enhanced by their placement or proximity to their surroundings. While some believe there is nothing more beautiful than a full moon, others feel uncomfortable when they see one. This may be due to our emotional state, as most people experience heightened emotions during this time.

1. Energy Absorption

Moonstone is a talisman for energy absorption. Just like our physical body, we all have spiritual energy and need to be nurtured to function at full capacity. If you’re dealing with trauma or negative emotions, the best way to keep negative energies from reaching your heart chakra is by wearing Moonstone or Smoky Quartz regularly. Rub the gemstones on your body and aura, or use neem oil for the same effect.

2. Heart Chakra

This is the seventh chakra, located at the base of our spine. The Moon has been recognized as an emissary and protector of the emotions and energies, almost like a second mother to us. The heart chakra is opened when we feel compassion, love, and emotions and tend to be in tune with our feelings. It is believed that the Moonstone brings a clearer understanding of our emotions and can help us overcome emotional challenges and problems. The stone is great for balancing the levels of the female hormone, which regulates emotional states, as well as relieving stress and insomnia.

3. Reflects Light

Moonstone is also beneficial in bringing issues to light. It reveals hidden meanings within your thoughts or feelings through insight. The stone is also used to invoke good fortune and luck. Moonstone is a great stone for those in a career that requires the use of their mind, such as engineering, writing, art, and occult studies. It is said that Moonstone helps you to become aware of your divinity through physical manifestation.

4. Opens Psychic Abilities

Moonstone is an excellent stone for meditation as it enables us to see the big picture and assists in looking beyond the physical world. It helps you understand that there is something more permanent and long-lasting than our physical bodies, which can help us give meaning to our lives through spirituality. Moonstone help develop psychic abilities, including clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. This stone is excellent for those exploring new spiritual avenues and can help you connect with your higher self.

5. Good Luck Charm

Moonstone is a great luck charm, especially when you are in love or somewhere your dreams are on the line. The stone is said to bring magic into the atmosphere and bring good fortune and prosperity. It protects us against unlucky events and makes us more optimistic as well.

6. Used in Magic Spells

Moonstone can enhance spells or rituals, mostly when moon phases are in a waxing or a waning crescent. This is especially true during the Full Moon period, the New Moon, and the dark of the Moon. The stone also enhances spells that require divine protection, opening hearts and connections with the spiritual world. Those looking for ways to attract love, money, and luck may benefit from Moonstone. When working with Moonstone, you should be careful not to leave it exposed to the sun. This can increase its energy, which may be too powerful for your good.

The Moonstone is an excellent stone that brings us to a better understanding of our emotions and our connection with our higher selves. For those who are creative or are in mind-oriented careers, this stone can help you reach your goals.

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