Spinel Gemstones


There is a lot to love bout spinel gemstones such as their eye-catching refractive surface, their light, their sometimes nearly transparent hue, and their relative affordability compared to similar gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. Speaking of which, spinels come in a wide variety of colors such as deep red, verdant green, and ocean blue. On top of its striking appearance, spinel is also known to have healing properties in mysticism.

Though the spinel has been somewhat overlooked in the past as a jewelry gemstone, it has become increasingly popular in recent years. However, this has also led to a number of fake “natural” spinels on the market as well. To identify a natural spinel, as opposed to one that’s been heated to enhance its color, it is important to review the four Cs:

  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Color
  • Carat Weight

Natural spinels also typically come with a certificate of authenticity from a trusted laboratory that performs testing. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what makes spinels unique and why they’re becoming so popular these days.

Spinel Benefits

Many benefits come with owning/wearing spinel, and they’re not just financial/aesthetic if you’re into the spiritual side of things. This dazzling gemstone has been historically treasured for a variety of reasons.

Beauty & Value

One of spinel’s greatest strengths is its versatility. A spinel can come in a wide variety of hues such as red, green, pink, and yellow. This makes it one of the most varied gemstones in the world. On top of this, spinels have been favored by kings, emperors, and other forms of royalty throughout history as a sign of wealth and a bringer of opportunities.

Health & Sprituality

Speaking of good fortune, the spinel ruby variant is said to enhance a person’s strength and stamina by helping them to better channel their energy. By activating the wearer’s “root chakra,” spinel is also said to keep a person healthy while warding against a variety of diseases.

Spinel is also said to bring spiritual balance and peace to the wearer as well. This is particularly true for those who have suffered a recent breakup or are otherwise suffering from a broken heart.

A Color for Every Occasion

Diving deeper into the spiritual/mystical side of spinels, the color of your gem has a lot to do with what it represents. Here is a quick list:

  • Red – vitality and stamina
  • Green – love and nobility
  • Yellow – intellect and insight
  • Purple – spiritual growth
  • Black – protection and inspiration
  • Blue – peace and calmness

The August Birth Stone

Spinel is the birthstone for August and is therefore closely associated with the Leo Zodiac sign. In most cases, the green spinel is the variant attributed to August and fits well with the nobility of the Leo sign. Also, since one of the problematic traits of Leo is their ego, the spinel counterbalances this by representing one’s potential to put aside the ego and show love and compassion.

Perhaps the spinel’s greatest attribute is its versatility. Since it comes in virtually any color it can adapt to any situation. This also applies to fashion as you can find a spinel to complement virtually any outfit or style. This is another reason that spinel jewelry is so popular these days.

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