Star Ruby Gemstones


Ruby is the precious stone of a star, the symbol of heat and fire, the sun, and a symbol of love and passion. The Star Ruby is an exceptional gemstone with its unique color. The Star Ruby was so named because of its radiating light and six-sided crystal formation. It is called the “King” or “Chow-Chow” stone in China and has been revered for centuries. It is believed to contain all the properties of a normal ruby, plus it also confers luck, longevity, and protection against evil spirits.

The Star Ruby was believed to be a stone of good fortune in ancient times. It is said that the Star Ruby will bring wealth and prosperity to its owner and cure diseases. The Star Ruby is also believed to be a very powerful healing stone. It was used to treat all the organs of the body. It is also known to protect its owner from accidents, fire, and evil spirits.

Star Rubies are mainly found in Burma, Sri Lanka, and Thailand, but they are extremely rare stones that are difficult to find in the market. In Chinese, the Star Ruby stone is also referred to as ‘Chintamani’ or ‘Chow-Chow.’ It has been considered a symbol of eternal bliss, fertility, happiness, and longevity. It has been associated with the sun, which symbolizes power, warmth, and protection.

Star Ruby is a variety of the Corundum or Ruby. It is a mineral of the Almandine group and belongs to the Corundum group. It was named Star Ruby due to its star-like appearance like that of stars, hence its name “Star Ruby.” The star-like appearance of the stone is due to its high dispersion and its unique birefringence properties (double refraction). This property makes star ruby gemstone, especially with its attractive colors.

The most important characteristic of this gemstone is that it displays birefringence, which means it has two refractive indices (one for light entering the stone and one for light leaving the stone). This special property makes it possible to cut an emerald or any other gemstone with a single crystal face and then set it on top of another crystal face with a different color.

The double refraction property is also found in other minerals, such as quartz, fluorite, kunzite, etc., but not in any other gemstone. The double refraction property can be easily observed by holding a piece of quartz or fluorite between your fingers so that both sides face you. Then close your fingers over the sides so that you cannot see through them from either side. Now open your fingers slowly and notice how one side appears darker than the other at first sight (only after opening your fingers completely will you be able to see through them). The same thing happens with kunzite, which also has a double refraction property.

Star Ruby is one of the most expensive gemstones in the world. It is also one of the most popular gemstones. Star Ruby has a very high refraction index. It is clear and has a star-like appearance. The color of Star Ruby varies from blue to red depending upon its origin and characteristics. It can be found with white or yellowish hues too. The stone’s color can vary from light blue (light blue-green) to dark blue (light bluish purple).

Blue color ranges from light to dark depending upon its origin and other factors like heat treatment during the manufacturing process. The blue color of these rubies may be due to the presence of a trace amount of titanium oxide within them or may be due to the presence of chromium within them too. But most often, they are found with a light bluish-purple color.

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