Star Sapphire Gemstones


The star sapphire gemstone results from a natural phenomenon known as asterism. Such gems are formed when the mineral aragonite grows in a six-rayed star pattern. The star sapphire is a rare gemstone. It is considered even rarer than the famous blue sapphire. Star sapphires are not blue but white to yellowish with a distinct star pattern on them. Since the blue variety of this gemstone is rare, it becomes highly-priced and thus coveted by many.

1. Characteristics

The most notable characteristic of this gemstone is its unique star formation on the surface that resembles a six-pointed star. This formation is caused by light interference as it passes through the crystal’s surface layers during its growth process. The colors of these gems are also seen being affected by many factors like the mineral’s color, the star’s position, and the type of light used to view it.

2. Gemological Properties

Star sapphires have a hardness rating of 9 on the Mohs scale, making them quite durable and scratch-resistant. They have a density rating of 3.98 g/cm³, making them heavier than most other gemstones usually used for jewelry-making purposes like diamonds or corals. They also have an index of refraction rating of 1.757 which means they disperse light very well. These properties make them valuable as far as jewelry-making purposes are concerned since they can be used for making necklaces or pendants much more efficiently than most other gems available.

3. Care

Since star sapphires are durable, they need not be treated with special care. However, it is suggested that one should avoid exposing them to harsh chemicals or heat as much as possible. They can be cleaned by using a soft cloth or brush. Scratching the surface of this gemstone can lead to permanent damage since it is pretty delicate. Try to avoid wearing them while swimming or showering so that they do not get damaged by the chemicals in the water.

4. Spiritual Significance

Star sapphires are believed to have spiritual significance. They are believed to have been used by the ancient astronauts to communicate. They are also believed to be an excellent medium for communicating with other worlds, including the stars. They are also said to bring good luck and protection from negative energies.

5. Occurence

Star sapphire is the most expensive type of sapphire. It is a rare gemstone that can be found in various places around the world. However, it is usually mined in Sri Lanka, Thailand, or Myanmar. You may also see star sapphires in Afghanistan and Kenya. The most famous places where this gemstone can be found are Sri Lanka and Myanmar, where it is mined in the river beds of these countries. However, they are rarely available for the public to buy. The star sapphire is a very popular gemstone among people who believe in astrology . If you are interested in purchasing some, you should contact a gemologist.

To get a star sapphire of your own, you must be prepared to pay a pretty penny for it. However, you will be able to appreciate the beauty of this gemstone much more when you get it. Look for these unique gems at the jewelry store or the gem shop. You can also find them online. Before buying any star sapphire, you should look for other reviews that have been done on it to ensure that the one you are buying is genuine.

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