Taaffeite Gemstones


Taaffeite is a rare gemstone. It is sometimes called the teal gemstone, although there are other teal and green stones, too, such as tourmaline. It is found almost exclusively in Sri Lanka and several other worldwide locations. Taaffeite is not a mineral but a form of oxide and therefore is not assigned to a particular chemical series. Taaffeite has several colors and forms depending on the crystal quality and treatment. It can come in violet, green, blue, yellowish-brown, and other rainbow colors.

It is thought that the crystal structure of taaffeite differs from other oxides because it has been found in such large crystals that they have not yet been broken into smaller pieces. It was named after gemologist E.C. Richard Taaffe who discovered it in Ireland. It has a refractive index of 1.701(±0.004). Its hardness is 5.5-5.6, and its density is 4.89-4.91 g/cm3. Taaffeite’s streak is white, and its cleavage is perfect in three directions, although it may also have imperfect cleavage in certain locations.

Benefits of Taaffeite
Taaffeite is a stone of the heart. It encourages love and compassion, helps those who need support in spiritual matters, and brings harmony and peace to relationships. It is also said to help increase confidence and improve mental clarity. Taaffeite is also known to help with nausea and dizziness. If you feel sickly or have trouble focusing, taaffeite can help improve those conditions.

Taaffeite has been used as both an ornamental stone and gemstone it was discovered. It has been used in inlay, carvings, and other jewelry pieces such as rings.

Taaffeite is a good choice if you want a stone to help with your finances or business. It’s a helpful stone for prosperity and offers protection against financial stresses. It can also be used as a support stone for those undergoing spiritual healing or development.

Taaffeite is also used during meditation to bring about peacefulness and inner peace. It can help activate the Third Eye Chakra, bringing a deeper connection to Spirit. Taaffeite is believed to help wake the power of the Pineal Gland, the spiritual gland that helps us access our higher consciousness and feel connected to Spirit. If you are having trouble meditating or feel that you need support during meditation, it’s a great stone for you.

Taaffeite has been used inclusion in the Advanced Gemstone Technology system. The aGem Technology is a proprietary 3D-Scanning, Computer Modeling, and Advanced-Oxidation Process that allows the creation of an exact duplicate of an existing stone. It is used as an alternative to cast replicas or reproductions, which can damage the original stone.

What Makes Taaffeite Special
Taaffeite is a unique form of oxide. The oxide can be found in both its violet and yellow forms. Taaffeite is the blue form. At the same time, being a special form of an oxide, it has also been found to contain trace amounts of zinc, iron, and chromium, making it a type of Mangoxanthate or Manganesuvate structure. This means that while it may contain manganese, it also has other important elements to help make an interesting gemstone.

The price of taaffeite is between $1500 to $2500 per carat. Because the supply of taaffeite is so small, it is considered a “fine” stone. These stones are sold in lower quantities and therefore are more expensive than their larger counterparts. Fine stones are normally considered anything that sells for over $200 per carat.

Taaffeite is one of the rarest gemstones available, only found in a few areas of the world. It was discovered in Ireland and has since been found in Sri Lanka, Australia, Hawaii, and a few other places. The largest source of taaffeite is Sri Lanka, which contains large violet crystal clusters weighing up to 155 grams. In Sri Lanka, taaffeite is a well-formed crystal with little or no damage because of its location.

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