Tsavorite Gemstones


Tsavorite is the rarest of gems, a type of tsavorite locality. It is a precious green variety of quartz and amethyst crystals known as variagite. This gemstone owes its color to minerals coesite and pyrope garnet with chromium ions giving it its bright emerald green hue. The green variety is known as “emerald” in the United States and Canada and is also referred to as African emerald.

Tsavorite can vary widely; some specimens are more common than others, may be exploited more frequently by miners, and be more expensive in the market at any given time. The most common, perhaps the most beautiful, is a deep honey-yellow color. This has been known to produce incredibly vivid blue bicolor specimens that have even been sold as blue spinels. Other stones are black or brown, usually with a pinkish hue. These stones are not as rare as the yellow and green varieties, but the market less values them because they do not show off the same color intensity that the yellow provides.

Benefits of Tsavorite
1.  Economic Value
Wide different varieties of tsavorite exist in the market, but only a few are truly popular. This can be attributed to rarity and value. The most commercially valued type is the deep yellow one, considered rare because of its availability in the market. However, this color can vary from medium-yellow to lighter shades of yellow, and even dark brown or black colors exist within the gemstone.

2.  Color
Tsavorite is a medium-sized quartz gemstone. The size of the stone generally ranges from 3 to 6 millimeters in width and length. The weight of the gemstone typically ranges from 9 to 17 carats, with some rocks weighing nearly 20 carats.

3.  Intelligence and Emotional Healing Abilities
Tsavorite has been linked to intelligence and emotional healing abilities. Research has shown that the gemstone can increase IQ levels and provide the wearer with an increased IQ level and improved memory. This, in turn, has also led to increased professional success because of increased intellect and performance, which has been attributed to the stone.

4.  Spiritual Energy
It is believed that tsavorite helps boost spiritual energy and brings good luck and prosperity to its wearers. Some practitioners have also claimed that tsavorite can help reduce stress levels and increase concentration.

5.  Healing Properties
Tsavorite is believed to possess healing properties. Some practitioners claim that it can boost the immune system, heal blood disorders, improve skin disorders and promote feelings of contentment and well-being in the wearer.

Choosing a Tsavorite
So, what should you look for when buying a tsavorite? The first thing you need to do is determine if you want an unheated or a heated one. Unheated stones have a very high-quality color, but they can also be over-priced in the market. Heated stones are not very valuable, but they tend to have minor color variation, and their price is usually lower than their unheated counterparts.

What Makes Tsavorite Special?
Tsavorite, like all precious gemstones, is unique in its way. The most important thing to determine before buying one is whether the stone is heat-treated or not because if it is, then it can lower the value of the stone by a significant amount. If you want a high-quality color at a cheaper price, you should opt for an unheated one, even though they can be overpriced because of their rarity in the market.

Most stones are sold in half-carat increments. For example, a 6-carat stone will be sold in an 8-carat stone or 10-carat stone. Most stones, however, are sold in total carats. Therefore, a 10-carat tsavorite can cost up to $20,000 depending on the treatment.

Tsavorite has gained global popularity lately, and for a good reason too. The gemstone is not only beautiful, but its benefits are astounding too. Many people have reported that the gemstone has boosted their intelligence levels and emotional stability. It is also believed to bring good luck and prosperity to its wearers. All in all, tsavorite is something you want to get for yourself or your loved ones. So, hurry up and head to your nearest jeweler today!

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