White Sapphire Gemstones


What is White Sapphire?
White sapphire is a variety of the chemically pure form of corundum, a mineral. The word sapphire derives from Old French for blue stone. The mineral has a hardness of 9.25 to 9.35 on the Mohs scale and varies in color from white to light blue to sky blue and even purple, depending upon its trace element content. White sapphire exists in other colors as well. Among these are pinkish-orange orangey-red color zones, otherwise known as white zirconia, which clearly show that the boundary between these two varieties is often unclear or indistinct.

What Makes White Sapphire Special?
The gemstone remains popular, though its beauty is often disputed. White sapphire is said to be valuable, though this depends on the stone’s quality.

White sapphire is a unique and widely traded type of corundum, which can be considered aluminum oxide containing sulfur or nitrogen impurities. It crystallizes in the trigonal system and is one of the purest forms of corundum. It has a blue color that is attributed to the presence of titanium in it, which produces a deeper color than other sapphires due to its lower refractive index.

Benefits of White Sapphire
1. Stone of Healing
White sapphire is a stone of healing, specifically for treating head and brain problems. Some people believe that it can clear the mind, which some people value, especially when they do activities such as studying.

2. Stone of Beauty
White sapphire is also helpful when dealing with one’s physical appearance as it is said to bring out a radiance that would otherwise remain hidden. It is also known to help enhance one’s beauty by improving the skin and bringing a glow to one’s face.

3. Stone of Protection
Being one of the most sought-after stones, it has become a stone that is also believed to protect its user from diseases, especially those susceptible or prone to getting sick frequently. It is believed to stop illness before most cases could even occur by protecting its user from viruses, bacteria, and germs.

4. Stone of Peace and Tranquility
White sapphire is also believed to be a stone of peace and tranquility, a benefit that can help cultivate lasting, long-term relationships. It is said to allow people to align with their soul’s purpose in life, which can help them make better decisions at work and live a more pious life.

5. Stone of Wisdom
White sapphire is also believed to be a stone of wisdom, which some belief can even teach its user lessons about life. It is said to instill knowledge about the past, present, and future.

6. Stone of Prosperity
White sapphires are also believed to help with prosperity. It acts as a harmonizer because it helps one align with the world around them and brings prosperity to all aspects of life.

7. Stone of Happiness
Many people believe that white sapphire can bring happiness into its user’s life because it can help them deal with life’s difficulties and allows them to maintain a positive frame of mind. It is believed to calm its user so that they can focus on what matters most, which is the happiness of their loved ones.

8. Stone of Love
White sapphire is also believed to help with love as it can help boost its user’s affinity for the opposite sex or even help them find their romantic soulmate. It is said to have a calming effect on people, helping them gain clarity when they are facing a choice in their personal lives.

White sapphire is a relatively good choice for individuals looking for a gift who want to express their love, wish, or appreciation. One can use it to create friendship bracelets, hair accessories, and necklaces.

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