White Topaz Gemstones


White Topaz is a gemstone with a pure white hue. The color can range from off-white to white; however, the intensity of the color is generally not as strong as other gems. White Topaz is different and unique because it’s a rare gemstone with a fascinating history. White Topaz originates in Brazil and is mined in other parts of the world. It has been referenced since ancient times since much of the world’s supply of white topaz comes from South America, Saudi Arabia, and Russia.

White Topaz comes from a group of gemstones: White Zircon, Red Zircon, Ocher-colored Gemstone (garnet), Pyrope (garnet), Spessartin; White Topaz can be classified as a variety of Pyrope. White Topaz can also be organized in a category called “synthetic gemstones.” White Topaz has a hardness of 8-9 on the Mohs scale and a relatively high refraction index of 1.530 – 1.540, which is higher than a diamond’s refraction index at 1.417 – 1.435.

White Topaz has been a gemstone used to adorn jewelry and was popular in the European and American Civil Wars and during other periods of great wars. Many of these pieces were made by hand, so it is difficult to ascertain the exact value of these pieces. In Egypt, White Topaz was worn on the earlobes and used by men as a status symbol to improve vision.

Benefits of White Topaz
1. Good for the Eyesight
According to Science, white topaz has been used for eye protection for about 3000 years. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps improve vision, mitigate harmful sunlight, and prevent eye diseases like age-related macular degeneration.

2. White Topaz stimulates creativity
According to Gemstones by David Finch, “Diadelphus jasper was the primary material with which ancient artists sculpted the statues to represent their deities in Egypt. Among other things, it was used to depict Isis and Osiris.” White Topaz is a stone for creativity and design. It helps the wearer become more creative and enhances the ability to create new ideas and designs.

3. White Topaz is a stone for protection against negativity
White Topaz guards against negativity, prevent the wearer from becoming addicted, protects against hostility, and helps one stay balanced mentally. If placed under one head while they sleep, White Topaz helps keep this stone’s energy in the body.

4. White Topaz is a stone for balance
White Topaz helps bring awareness of the situations surrounding you and keeps you spiritually grounded. It helps bring about harmony, balance, and stability in your life.

5. White Topaz is a stone for communication
White Topaz helps to clear the mind and remove mental clutter, thereby helping one be more open to their unique voice and others around them. It helps to achieve goals through meaningful communication.

6. White Topaz is a stone for inspiration
White Topaz protects against negativity and promotes positive emotions. In addition, it helps the wearer speak their truth and make others feel heard, which can help improve relationships. It also has a strong connection to the throat chakra and helps facilitate clear communication and creative expression.

What Makes White Topaz Special?
White Topaz is a rare gemstone mined in South America, Saudi Arabia, and Russia. The white color of White Topaz is due to the presence of trace elements such as silver and titanium in the stone’s structure. The precise chemical composition of White Topaz is not known for sure, but it is likely that White Topaz consists mainly of aluminum silicate, calcium phosphate, and calcium sulphate minerals. Its chemistry is similar to that of sandstone and basalt. The White Topaz is found in various crystals, such as pyrope and white topaz, which can be identified by their different color, texture, and hardness. The crystals of White Topaz have a unique texture due to their inclusions of phosphates found in the gemstone’s structure.

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