Yellow Fluorite Gemstones


What is Yellow Fluorite?
Yellow fluorite is a variety of fluorspar. It takes its color from the iron impurities in the mineral, which produce yellow compounds. It is highly fluorescent, which causes it to look a bit like an opal.

The yellow fluorite crystals found in the quarry at Crystals, Arizona, are as nature crafted them, with uniformly yellow color and tiny feldspar needles on the material’s surface. Yellow Fluorite is found in various colors, including deep purple and green. The most common colors in yellow fluorite are green, blue-green, light purple, and red-violet. It is also known as Attar or Vaseline” due to its oil absorption qualities.

What Makes Yellow Fluorite Special?
Yellow Fluorite is not only spectacular to look at; it has also been used throughout history for its purported healing properties. It is often used as a shielding stone due to its ability to attract and maintain negative ions and repel other energies. It has also been used for attunement with the solar plexus and crown chakra, bringing clarity of mind and enhanced psychic abilities. Yellow fluorite provides clarity, motivation, concentration, and balance of emotions while reducing stress in all situations.

Can Yellow Fluorite Be in The Sun?
Fluorite, including yellow fluorite, is highly reactive to sunlight and may only be exposed for a matter of seconds before permanently damaging it. Therefore, if you are interested in experiencing the full benefits of this crystal, you should purchase one that has been tumbled, which will protect the stone from further ultraviolet light exposure.

While it is not recommended to keep yellow fluorite in direct sunlight for long periods or to take it on outdoor adventures where there is a risk of exposure to sunlight and other sources of UV rays, storing your fluorites in dark-colored containers or wrapping them in cloth will help extend their longevity.

Benefits of Yellow Fluorite?
1. Helps you maintain your inner calm and peace.
The calming effect of yellow fluorite helps you maintain inner peace and calm in situations that are filled with stress, chaos, and anxiety. It will help you focus on the task at hand and complete it with minimal interruptions and distractions.

2. Helps you channel your energy in a positive way
The energy of yellow fluorite is highly charged and very potent, which may result in the occasional burst of anger or frustration if it is not channeled appropriately. The aura-cleansing properties of this stone will help clear your negative energies and direct them towards the positive path so that you can achieve good health, prosperity, success, abundance, and overall well-being.

3. Helps you stay attuned to your surroundings
Yellow fluorite works on the third eye chakra. It is particularly beneficial for those who work in the retail sector, dealing with customers, or professionals such as salespeople, bankers, and secretaries, who must deal with people regularly. It will help you remain calm and balanced even under intense pressure. It will also benefit those working in high-stress environments and keep them alert and focused.

4. Helps promote mental clarity
Yellow fluorite has been used for centuries to clear the mind, enhance mental clarity and provide clarity of thought. It will help you stay focused and clear-headed in times of crisis.

5. Provides energy and energy balance
The properties of yellow fluorite help you to center yourself in the present moment, find inner clarity, peace, and tranquility, feel at ease even when under pressure or high stress, to connect with positive people in your life who will boost your inspiration, creativity, and mental clarity to help you take advantage of opportunities that open up for you.

Yellow fluorite is a fantastic crystal for spiritual development, chakra healing, and general energy healing. It is exceptionally powerful for the spiritual journey and increases your intellectual capacity. It is wonderful for grounding the energy of your home to release negative energies.

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