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Grading Colored Gemstones

Start a discussion about colored gem grading and you may stir a hornet’s nest of controversy, confusion and vehemence.

Opponents of color gem grading claim it will take the allure and romance from descriptions of colored gemstones.

Some will sneer, saying that colored gem grading is merely another opportunity for abuse. If you fall into this group, you may want to stop reading right about — here!

Just One Small Challenge Before You Go.

Proponents of Color Gem Grading may simply point to the diamonds industry’s ability to communicate. All you need to say is “D-IF” and everyone will have a pretty fair idea of a gem’s value and what it looks like.

But what is more subtle is that every colored gem dealer will have developed a subconscious gem grading system. It may not be organized or even very effective, but the dealer will look for certain factors in any gem or parcel s/he is thinking of buying.

An overview of our color grading system

Practice your grading

Tools for grading colored gemstones

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