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How to identify Paraiba Tourmaline

This article is about the Paraiba Tourmaline, and learn more about it. As someone who is building their gem collection, you’ll likely come across a lot of terms you’re not familiar with. The world of gemology is filled with a lot of broad terminology. The world of gemology is larger than just diamonds. There are over 200 different types of gemstones in the world.

Paraiba tourmaline is one of the few gems that deserve your attention. This is a blue-green gemstone, which is making huge waves. Here’s everything you need to know about Paraiba tourmaline.

What is Paraiba Tourmaline

This is a type of tourmaline gemstone. It’s semi-precious, which was first discovered in Paraiba, Brazil. It was discovered in the 1980’s, and it has a blue-green hue. This intense color is derived from the copper in it. In some instances, Paraiba can fetch prices as high as 6 figures per carat.

Fun fact: Unlike other gemstones, Paraiba Tourmaline gets a lot of leeway when it comes to inclusions. Unlike other gems that are devalued for a large number of inclusions/flaws, Paraiba Tourmaline is valued only on its color. You may find that jewelers do not devalue a stone based on the inclusions in the Paraiba gem. 

This is a very rare gem, and it comes at a high valuation. This valuation is not because of the rarity alone. It’s because of the rich, deep colors, and the overall density of the gem.

How do you identify the Paraiba Tourmaline Gemstone?

These gemstones are usually on the smaller side. Most are green or blue. Some have been found in pink or purple hues(rare). In situations where the stone is violet or purple, a heating treatment can be done to change the color to the blue color everyone wants.

When you are trying to identify the paraiba tourmaline stone, you want to look for green hues within the gemstone. The green flashes, often found in the lighter, blue body, are proof of the copper content.

If you hold a paraiba tourmaline up to a bright light, you’ll see bright spots within the gemstone, because Paraiba is known for its brilliance – you’ll also be able to see it’s sparkles in dim light.

Is Paraiba Tourmaline Found Anywhere Else Other Than Brazil

This gem is named after a region in Brazil, where they were originally sourced. In 2000, a deposit of tourmalines was discovered in Nigeria, and then later in Mozambique. The stones from Africa are not known to have the same amount of saturation as those found in Brazil. The hues are similar enough in color that the Nigerian gemstones can also be called Paraiba Tourmaline – but it’s come with controversy.

According to the International Gem Society, many in the industry want to create a distinction between the Brazilian paraiba, and the ones discovered in Africa.

How does the Paraiba Tourmaline compare to other types of Tourmalines?

Paraiba tourmaline is more expensive than other types of Tourmaline. They are rare and unusual. They have higher color saturation than other types of tourmaline.  Typically these gemstones are custom cut. You’ll usually find them in brilliant cuts, including pear/oval cuts. They are usually cut into no larger a size than one carat usually. If you do find a larger cut gemstone, you may be surprised to know that the larger stone is more affordable than a smaller one. When it comes to Paraiba tourmaline pricing – color is the main factor.

How do you take care of a Paraiba Tourmaline

If you own this rare gem, you want to take care of it. Only work with a trusted jeweler who has experience in caring for it. If you clean it through heating or ultrasonic, you can permanently damage it.

The best way to clean it, is a mild detergent, warm water, etc.


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