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Introduction to the Gemstone Meanings

The Gemstone Dictionary is dedicated to bringing you esoteric, metaphysical, mystical and mundane gemstone meanings that reach across the artificial divides of religion. Our goal is to create a complete reference site. You are welcome to come at any time to make use of the knowledge of natural energies within any specific stone.

We live in a vibrating, pulsing, twisting, turning field of energy. Everything we see in our world and universe, even the bodies we currently reside in, are composed of energy and at its basic level, all energy vibrates. Yes, this means our bodies and all the things we see around us are not the solid objects we perceive them to be. They are in fact in constant motion. We are able to interact with our environment on the level we call touch because we personally vibrate at a different level than the items around us. So how does this relate to the individual gemstone meanings?

Some vibrational levels have virtually no affect on us. Others can cause us to experience physical or emotional pain while others can calm our minds and heal our bodies. If there is any doubt in your mind as to how energy affects us, pay attention to how your mind and body react when you stand next to a loud machine or the purring of a cat. Depending on the vibrational level, the machine could easily grate on your nerves, while for most people the purring of a cat is relaxing and peaceful. Now find some relaxing music to listen to (yes, music is also a form of energy).

Pay attention to how your body responds to each of these different forms of energy. It then becomes easier to see how we end up with so many different gemstone meanings. Each gemstone is comprised of different base materials, so each has its own energy signature and affects us differently.

Gemstone meanings are derived based upon how the vibrational level of a specific stone effects our bodies, minds and souls. Gemstone Healing is real and allows us to take advantage of this natural magic (energy) as we bring the energy we need into our lives.

Precious gemstones (and even semi-precious gemstones) can be used in jewelry, added to your home’s decorations, placed in energy grids and many other ways to infuse your surroundings with the gemstone healing properties of the energy of these stones.

Our work on this compilation of all the gemstone meanings, energies, knowledge and healing magic these wondrous little gems of nature have to offer, will never be 100% complete. As we (humanity) develop stronger and better ways to evaluate the energy of the stones and as we advance spiritually as human beings, the secrets trapped inside the natural crystals and gemstones of the world will be unlocked. We seek to bring it all to you on this site.

The various gemstone meanings offer assistance in helping to cure almost every known ailment to mankind. We have only to allow their energies to perform their work on our body, mind and soul.

The Gemstone Meanings of each stone is learned one step at a time.

The crystal energy locked within the healing gems listed on this site can be used for a wide variety of purposes. They can be used to calm the body, mind and soul, to energize your physical self, to remove negativity from your body or your surroundings, to help with weight loss, to release negative emotions and so much more. The individual gemstone meanings can be used one at a time or combined when extra help is needed.

Each individual stone is much like each individual person on earth, we all have many things in common, but no two of us is exactly alike. The listings on this site are a gathering of currently accepted uses. It is in no way complete and never will be because each stone is unique. Rose quartz may be the stone of love, but if it speaks out to you and you feel the desire to hold it near your sinuses, do it. That stone could easily have a special quality you specifically need that is not listed on this site. If you allow it to, the healing magic locked with these natural crystals will speak to you and guide you on you path. You have but to stop and listen to the wispers.

If you happen to find that the specific gemstone meanings of a stone did not work for you, do not give up. Chances are very good another stone with similar gemstone meanings will work better for you. Think of it much like medicine your doctor might prescribe for you. Have you ever taken a medication that did not work? Have you taken a medication that causes severe side effects? It happens every day to people around the world.

The big difference between specific gemstone meanings and a medication is gemstones work on your vibrational energy level. Some might call this your spirit level. Medications on the other than work on the physical aspects of the body. The actual blood, skin and bones. It is possible to have an adverse reaction to medications, but since gemstones work on the vibrational level, rarely is there any sort of adverse affect. It might not make the changes you want to have made. It might not be the exact vibration you specifically need at that moment in time. However, I have never heard of a single person having such an adverse effect that they sought medical care.

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