Wholesale Gemstones


We’re an international wholesale gemstone dealer

We’re dedicated to traceability, ethics, and ensuring each client gets the best gemstone. We’re focused on eliminating the headaches associated with buying gemstones, and the lack of trust. Our team has been in the industry for over 50 years.


Our goal at CreativeGem is to ensure that we’re doing our ethical duty to ensure that gems we source have been fairly mined. That means ensuring our supply chain is free of major issues, such as child labor, and other eminent concerns involved in the wholesale gemstone industry. We are focused on only sourcing highly ethical gemstones internationally.

Our Gemstones and Diamonds

When you select a piece of jewelry, or create your very own design, the color and cut of the gemstone in question is VERY important. With so many different amazing gemstones available, you have to choose one that reflects your style. At CreativeGem, we have loose gemstones in every color, so you can find what you desire, exactly how you desire it.

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