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Jewelry is the dominant reason for the purchase of diamonds, colored gems and gold. We adorn our bodies with the finery of gemstones and precious metals for any number of reasons.

Amber may have been the first form of jewelry. The first homo-erectus probably found the attractive resin shards along the seashore, washed up on the beach after a storm.

Mollusk shells would also have been an attractive source of ornamentation as well — in addition to serving as handy cutting tools. Think of them as early man’s designer knife. Another mineral that could have served as a tool and decoration is natural obsidian.

For many, jewelry is a way of feeling better about themselves because it can attract favorable attention if designed and worn properly.

Gems and jewelry are often worn as status symbols. In ancient times, only royal persons were allowed to wear gemstones.

Jewelry is now available in a bewildering variety of designs, materials and types. Some of the newer metals such as titanium, precious metal clay and stainless steel are making jewelry designs more distinctive as well as more affordable.

Jewelry artisans are skilled craftsmen with a seemingly endless imagination. And one-of-a-kind items from the master jewelers are sought after.

Jewelry artisans are not the only innovators. Buff-cut aka cab top gems have added a new durability that purely faceted gems cannot match.

But the single greatest innovation in gem cutting has to be concave faceting. The technique is simply remarkable.

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