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Kashmir Blue Sapphire

What is a Kashmir Blue Sapphire?

Some of the most sought-after minerals on earth are gemstones and for good reasons. These precious stones are very hard in composition, but many of them are soft enough to be made into jewelry. They’re basically mineral crystals that are very rich in color and can be engraved for specific gift purposes. Some of the more popular gemstones are pink sapphires, rubies, quartz, onyx, and obsidian.

The Kashmir Blue Sapphire

Kashmiri Neelam, also known as the Kashmir Sapphire, is highly popular across the board for many demographics of people. This particular gemstone falls under the blue sapphire category thanks to its vividly blue hue. These rare gemstones are synonymous with the term royalty thanks to its desired aesthetics. This unusual rock was found under a layer of soil back in the 1800s. It got its name from the Kashmir region of India in which is what discovered via the Himalayas. Excessive amounts of mining took place in the early 19th century once the stones were discovered. The rock was nearly depleted because of excessive mining. This depletion of mineral makes it a rare commodity.

What Makes the KBS Special?

The Kashmir blue sapphire is special because it’s simply rare. In addition to that, it just so happens to be the rarest type of its kind on the market. It’s also a top-quality specimen in its class because of the stone’s quality. It would be very hard to find a more high-quality sapphire than this specimen. There are other blue sapphires, but the gemstones from the Kashmir region have a unique blue-velvet hue. Its dreamy aesthetics and composition does a great job of reflecting light from every angle.

The gemstone has prestige around the globe and are important pieces to any jewelry collection. Some of the most popularized pieces of jewelry in the world tend to showcase a Kashmir blue sapphire. Public demand has also increased drastically throughout the years. Interestingly enough, this stone is one of the strongest investment pieces that money can buy. Christie’s Auction House, which is an art business that specializes in auction sales, sold a Kashmir blue sapphire for an estimated $7,357,999. This basically equates to $209,689 per carat.


The Kashmir Blue Sapphire has a reputation of elegance and sophistication. It’s common knowledge that this particular gemstone may hold some benefits in terms of health. According to Indian Vedic Astrology, blue sapphires tend to possess healing properties. Of course, this is healing properties of the mind, body, and soul. Its dazzling array of color is said to provide mental relief while enhancing mental fortitude. Its velvety blue hue soothes the senses to a certain degree.

During ancient times, blue sapphires were commonly used to heal eye-related ailments. A person’s speech impediment was thought to be improved while consistently wearing the stone. Healing individuals who suffer from chronic headaches, fevers, and nosebleeds was also common practice. These fine gemstones were also said to improve a person’s luck while gaining a significant amount of wealth in the process.

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