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Neck Chain Designs

Balance is the key to selection and neck chain designs can tip the scales to add versatility and function to your entire jewelry collection.

Neck chains come in a variety of sizes:

  • 16″ Choker length
  • 17-18″ at collarbone
  • 20″ A few inches below collarbone
  • 22″ At or above neckline
  • 24″ or longer extend below the neckline 24-26″ hangs at bust line
  • 30” just below the bust line
  • 36” hangs above the navel

Selecting Your Gold Chain

However, the sizes are the length of the chain and not the size of your neck. For example, if your neck is 19 inches around, a 20-inch neck chain would be choker size for you and you may find the 22” size easier to wear.

Although it’s best to choose neck chains at least one or even two inches longer than the size of your neck, necklace extenders add versatility to neck chain designs and allow a more comfortable fit for shorter styles. In addition, your jeweler or goldsmith also can add or remove links to provide you with a custom fit for neck chains fashioned from precious metals.

While neck chains are advertised by length, the width or diameter of a neck chain is important to the strength of the chain.

Sizing Neck Chains for Pendants

Widths are usually displayed in millimeters (mm). Part of the versatility of neck chains is the ability to add pendants to them, creating new necklaces for your jewelry collection.

The safe way to add a pendant to a neck chain is to weigh both the pendant and the neck chain. As a general rule, a chain under 22” long should be at least three times the weight of the pendant it will support and a longer chain should be four or more times the weight of the pendant.

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