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Opal is among the most precious and beautiful gemstones in the world. This stone is exclusively used as a gem and is predominantly found in Australia. It is a submicrocrystalline type of cristobalite. Opal is a noble gem ranked second to emerald in ancient times by the Romans.

The gemstone is colorless, which is a rare material. Opal can be imparted by widespread impurities that give it various dull body colors ranging from red to yellow.

The name opal is said to have originated from ancient Rome and was known as opalus to mean precious stone. The majority of opal came from Australia. Other countries known to mine opal include Mexico, Brazil, and Ethiopia.

Types Of Opal

There are two varieties of opal.

Precious Opal

Precious opal is comparatively rare with its characteristic of play of color. Precious opal is more expensive compared to common opal.

Common Opal

Common opal is also known as potch. This variety of opal does not display any play of color and is usually one colored. The color can either be grey, white, or black. Opal is therefore dull and valueless. Opals are in abundance in the world.

What Makes Opal Special

Opal exists in two types: precious opal and common opal. Opal displays wonderful colors that make it stand out from other gemstones, especially the precious opal.

The precious opals usually have a vibrant color or have a play of color. The term play of colors defines the striking multi-dimensional color displayed by the gem. The multi-dimensional color makes it more precious.

The variety of opals, precious opals can be transparent to translucent and are distinguished by their attractive play of many colors. The beautiful colors flash as you view the gem from different directions and with the interference of light to the stone.

Opals have an amazing ability to absorb liquids. Especially, a variety of opal called hydrophane can absorb large quantities of water. When opal lacks water and dries out, it may lose its color or crack. Dry opal is close to opaque, whereas saturated opal is nearly transparent.

Benefits Of Opal

Due to the gem’s association with venus, you can enjoy the benefits of venus when you wear opal. Venus is associated with relationships and luxury.

Opal is said to assist in living a luxurious life. The stone brings prosperity and helps one gain a good reputation. Moreover, it is claimed that it can help businesses thrive in import-export, travel, and tourism. Believe it or not, the gem is believed to assist in completing debts and litigations.

If you have any issues in your marriage, opal can be useful and will also provide marital bliss. Opal is used in finding suitable matches.

The crystal helps people get over emotional setbacks and any sufferings that someone can have succumbed to in previous relationships. The crystal will work by calming the mind and helping you make peace with past happenings.

In addition, opal reduces nightmares and helps people with sleeping difficulties sleep peacefully.

In health matters, it aids in curing stomach and intestine issues such as acidity and indigestion. The wonderful gem is believed to be able to treat hormonal and pancreatic problems. It can also fix any eye-related issues, help keep your eyes healthy, and leave you with an excellent immune system.

The benefits of opal do not stop there; it can help build your creativity and other artistic abilities. Apart from that, opal is believed to bring to a person wearing it peace, joy, wealth, and good fortune in general. When you wear opal, you are bound to have self-confidence, a pleasing personality, and be able to utilize your potential fully.

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