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Practice Grading Colored Gems

Becoming a skilled colored stone grader require practice .. lots of practice. So where can you get that practice? Buying lots of gemstones may not be a viable alternative.

Friends will often let you spend lots of time looking at their jewelry, especially if you tell them you are trying to learn how to color grade.

Jewelry shops will not encourage you to hang around for an education, but occasionally asking to see a ring with a nice colored stone is acceptable.

Ask the salesperson their opinion of the saturation and tone of the gem. You may get a blank stare, but if the person is not busy, you may get a brief lesson.

Gems shows are an excellent venue for learning more about gemstones. Gem dealers expect to get technical questions. Be immediately honest about your intentions and you might be surprised how helpful the dealer is.

Lapidary and gem cutting clubs may be the best way to learn about colored gems. Join your local club. Many cutters tend to be hobbyists and will be more open to a conversation about color characteristics.

Good cutters know a great deal about colored gems. Plus you will get a chance to learn cut and proportion at the same time.

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