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Red Coral (Moonga)

A Guide to Red Coral
If you’re into precious stones, then there are more than enough that are available to buy on any given day. Gemstones tend to come in a range of color, size, and texture. Some of the more popular minerals are known as ammolite, amber, black opal, blue topaz, cat’s eye, and jasper. Red coral is a popular choice for individuals of all ages, and this stone can be found under water in various depths. Also known as Moonga, red coral has distinguished characteristics that sets itself apart from other minerals in the coral family. This organic gemstone will display a bright red hue that looks stunning to the naked eye.

Red coral is formed deep in the ocean by marine creatures such as coral polyps. You can find this substance growing in dark caverns and growing on rocky surfaces at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. Other locations of formation are found near the Cape Verde Islands as well as found near the Strait of Gibraltar. Red coral can also be found near Taiwan and Japan. Its skeleton is extremely hard thanks to its calcium carbonate composition.

Gemstone Fascination

Red coral tends to grow in branch configurations that can mimic the appearance of real tree branches. It will naturally possess a matte tone, but this matte tone can be polished to a fine shine. Once the polishing process is complete, the coral will display colors from pale pink to deep red. When it come to gemstones, buyers can select from either color that’s available. Its glassy shine will appear as fine beads, and red coral is generally worn as a necklace.

Are There Any Benefits?

When it come to astrology, each planet is represented by a gemstone. Red coral represents the planet Mars, which is known as the Red Planet. It has been said that this La Moonga stone can provide a ton of benefits that are truly noticeable. Wearers have been known to experience more vitality, enhanced energy, and stronger ambition. Of course, these finding are presented from an astrological standpoint, but many wearers of red coral will agree to the benefits.

In addition to that, red coral is thought to signify courage during battle. The Romans wore this substance in amulets because it symbolizes the God of warfare via explosive power. Wearing red coral was also thought to highlight a strong marriage, and it’s said to improve the development of children. Enhancing leadership qualities, aiding in financial growth, and improving self-confidence are other known benefits.

What Makes This Stone So Special?

The fact of the matter is that red coral represents a myriad of positive attributes in the physical and astrological realm. The gemstone is said to transmit from red to yellow if the wearer suffers from bone marrow or blood-related ailments. The health benefits alone will make for a great gift idea for anyone. Red coral is also thought to protect individuals from evil spirits as well as said to reduce the chance of a miscarriage by women.

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